Growth in Smartphones Go Hand-In-Hand With Growth in Mobile Advertising and Marketing

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The dramatic growth of smartphones will help the global mobile ad market grow more than six-fold from a little over $3 billion in 2010 to $22 billion in 2016, according to a new forecast by Berg Insight. This equates to annual growth rate of greater than 35% and will signify that mobile will grow (read on...)

Mobile Marketing Solutions – Are You Reaching Your Wireless Customers?

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What do your customers want? When you are looking for online solutions to reach your customers, what are you really looking for? Well, let’s back up a little. It’s not what you are looking for. After all, every business wants an easily found website that tops the results page of (read on...)

Monetize Your Tweets Through Mobile Advertising

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A growing number of users are drifting to mobile phones and tablets. The latest trend shows advertisers and individuals are preferring mobile internet and ad-supported web services on mobile platform. Twitter is promoting tweets on smartphones and tablet devices. Twitter has adopted a new mobile (read on...)

Mobile Marketing: A New Advertising Platform = A New Opportunity for Growth?

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By embracing mobile marketing you can expect 80% more clicks to your site, as 4.2m UK consumers visit company sites via mobile phones every month! Needless to say, only 4/20 of the most frequently visited retailer websites are optimised for mobile (including tablets) so make sure you avoid this (read on...)

Mobile Marketing – Local Business App Marketing

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Mobile marketing is the fastest growing marketing arena and local business App marketing is considered to be one of the most effective and affordable methods of getting your brand in front of your local community. Why Do I Need an App? There has been a massive increase in the number of people (read on...)

The Reasons Mobile Advertising Is So Important

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Look around as you walk by people on the streets, sit next to people on the bus or train. You are probably looking at users of a mobile device. Mobile devices have become so common these days many people report using cell phones as their primary phone lines, unlike the past when home phones were (read on...)

What QR Codes Are Capable Of

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QR codes are everywhere – on posters, promotional items, billboards, you name it. Most people know what QR codes are: those little black and white codes that sure pack a punch. These codes do an amazing job of bringing a curious person to a website landing page… all with the simple (read on...)

Mobile Advertising in 2012: Herding the Eyeballs

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Despite the plethora of cell phones and smart phones, mobile advertising has yet to command its rightful place in the advertising market. For anyone who is a mobile app builder or a mobile site builder, 2012 is a great time to be in business. In addition, substantial profits are possible for (read on...)

Tell Me More About Mobile Advertising Strategies

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For a small business, mobile advertising is quickly becoming a necessity to survive in today’s technical world. No other marketing cost will allow a company to reach its target market as frequently and as near the point of sale, as mobile advertising. As this method of advertising becomes (read on...)

Mobile Marketing 2.0

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The more than 100 million U.S. mobile phone users who access the mobile web from their devices are a significant – yet largely untapped – opportunity for marketers looking to leverage their advertising dollars across new mediums. Whether the mission is sell more products, increase (read on...)