What Does Market Pull Really Mean and Why Is It More Effective Than Sales Push?

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The Marketing & Sales world needs to change, and change fast before it continues to destroy perfectly innocent careers and stain the attitudes of prospective clients, through simple ignorance and misunderstanding in regards to the power of Market Pull. Not using a Market Pull approach simply (read on...)

Creating a Message That Connects With Your Customers

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Why is it that there are widely varying degrees of success between different companies’ ability to sell products despite having very similar offerings? That is, why for example does Company A consistently outsell Company B, even though they have virtually the same products to offer (read on...)

The Mathemagical Customer Conversion Formula – Part 1

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It all boils down to math, doesn’t it? Credit scores, deep sea drilling, profit margins, space travel, budget figures, golf handicaps, sales goals – what doesn’t amount to mathematics, in the very end? Why, some of the greatest philosophers and mathematicians such as Pythagoras, (read on...)

The Schizophrenic Business: A Sign of the Times?

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Not so long ago, businesses had a limited number of ways to reach consumers. There was print, TV, radio and the usual networking at events. Today, there is web-based, traditional, satellite and Internet radio and TV; print, mobile and social networking. Businesses have a myriad of ways – (read on...)

Syndicate Yourself!

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From a customer acquisition perspective, customers you gain from syndicated messaging tactics are less expensive to acquire. They also tend to be more targeted and convert more easily. Consumers that are pulled to your brand are more targeted than customers that you push your marketing and (read on...)

The Message IS the Message

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So, now, you’ve got your search campaign going. You’ve got your geofence and mobile messaging up. You’re taking ads out in specific print media and you believe that you’ve got your advertising covered. Yet, as you take stock of your efforts, you also notice other (read on...)

A Brand to Die For

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I am often asked, “What does it take to create a successful marketing campaign?” The reality, at the heart of it all, is the client’s brand essence; how that brand is represented and how to and perceived by the market. All successful marketing and advertising strategies spring (read on...)

Conscious Entrepreneurs: Come Out of the Spiritual Closet!

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Everywhere I look, I seem to discover a new marketing term for self-employed professionals. Conscious Entrepreneurs. Evolutionary Entrepreneurs. Heart-Based Entrepreneurs. Visionary Change-Agents. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Except that I’ve never met anyone who said, (read on...)

A Brief Background on Signs

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Signs are used for a variety of different reasons and when you take advantage of them properly, you might be surprised with exactly what can take place. Understanding what goes into designing the signs can also make a large difference in what you can expect to see on your end. Here are a few of (read on...)

Mobile Marketing Techniques Can Lead to Increased Sales

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Today, few people go anywhere without their mobile device. They may forget their wallet, packaged lunch or even their car keys when walking out their front door, but not their mobile phone. Looking not too far ahead, it won’t be long before we hardly need our wallet, paying for items will (read on...)