The Importance of Monetizing All Aspects Of Your Client List – Members and Non-Members Alike

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Are you leaving money on the table? Have you thought about how you’re monetizing your business, and more importantly, who you’re monetizing in your business? If you have a membership program or site, a continuity program that has members paying you a monthly fee, a paid newsletter (read on...)

By-Laws for Volunteer Organizations

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After a volunteer organization is established and community support grows, it should adopt a consistent method for handling activities. Many groups define their methods in a short document called by-laws, usually written by an ad-hoc committee and voted on by the entire membership. Section 1 (read on...)

Membership Recruiting for Volunteer Organizations

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From time to time every organization needs to add new blood to its membership ranks. Existing members scale back their participation due to business obligations, they move away, others lose interest, and a few, who are life-time members, will pass away. The following suggestions for recruiting (read on...)

The Most Powerful Sales Incentives of Our Time

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Give Away Events are still extremely workable and viable to the success of every business. For years, fortune 500 companies have used Vacation Certificates to promote sales, generate leads and get referrals from customers. Now any business owner or organization can use Vacation Certificates in (read on...)