Doing Medical Lead Generation – Some Tips for Safer and Effective Campaigns

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When you make use of telemarketing as just another avenue to make sales for your firm that targets medical companies, then you need to have on your hands high-quality and clean lists. Over the years, telemarketers and telemarketing companies have had numerous regulations imposed upon their (read on...)

Medical Telemarketing Companies – Some Help for Medical Debt-Collection Companies

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Hospitals are facing financial problems after having to deal with patients who do not pay after treatment and stay within their facilities. Although it is true that quality medical care should be provided to everyone because we all have a right to live, we must not forget that the field of (read on...)

Medical Telemarketing Tips – What You Can Do With It

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Telemarketing is an approach that has been known to get amazing results when done correctly, for the right purpose, and of course, by the right telemarketing company. In order to determine this, you’ll need to determine which industry you are targeting in the first place. So, let us say you (read on...)

What You Can Do to Improve Your Medical Lead Generation Efforts

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Generating medical leads is a challenge for your company. Well, without them, then business would run dry for you. Having leads is like having a reservoir of water; just like a well you can draw from when you need to wet your tongue. However, in this scenario, you aren’t simply wetting your (read on...)

What Can You Do With Medical Telemarketing? An Answer to That Question

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The big question you may be asking yourself is “what can I do with medical telemarketing services?” Asking yourself such a question is a natural thing, especially if you are a newly opened company that is targeting the healthcare and medical industry. That being said, you may stumble (read on...)

Tackling the Medical Industry With Telemarketing – Choosing the Right Telemarketing Company

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The effectiveness of a marketing strategy and frequency of finding good business leads can be increased when you make use of make use of accurate targeting parameters. In the world of business, these targets could be the different C-Level executives within a company. But in the medical and (read on...)

How to Perform an Effective ROI Analysis for Healthcare Telemarketing Projects

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If you’re trying to evaluate the profitability (at least from a marketing perspective) of engaging the services of a healthcare telemarketing company, then you need to determine that project’s return on investment or ROI. The ROI expresses the overall profits a project generates as a (read on...)

Working With Telemarketing Companies: Know Who to Work With

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There exist in the world today many types of telemarketing companies that offer a multitude of services. Even for the medical industry, medical telemarketing steps into the fray and companies within this sector cater their services to businesses that want to market their products and services to (read on...)

Marketing in Healthcare and Medical Fields – Make Use of Medical Telemarketing

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The medical field is a tough place to market in. Let’s face it, the industry functions quite differently and the approaches you need to take may need to be adjusted in order to effectively make business happen when you are dealing with companies and other types of businesses within this (read on...)

Know the Pricing on Healthcare and Stay Competitive With Medical Telemarketing

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In the recent years, the demand for healthcare has increased and public awareness on the condition of their healthcare status has gone up as well. Due to this, a lot of people begin to view the medical and healthcare industry as a market which they can exploit to grow their business. Even newly (read on...)