Use Your QAP to Collection Success

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Medical practices may want to look hard within their own businesses to see where there is cash leakage. Specifically, are you collecting all that you are entitled to? How do you even know? There is one sure way to find out. That is by making sure you have an intense, monitored, unflinching (read on...)

Medical Billing – Picture the 2017 Fully Automated Medical Practice

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Data from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey state that in 2011, 57% of office-based physicians used electronic medical record/electronic health record (HER) systems. That percentage increased from 42% in 2008. Still, many physicians adopt it with a grumble while a good many more are (read on...)

Medical Practices – How to Save Money

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The number of medical practices is definitely on the rise today. However, the sad fact is that these practices are simply no match for the large number of patients that are seeking treatment and consultation sessions with physicians. One scenario that usually takes place especially where newly (read on...)

Top 7 Sign Products For Your Medical Office

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There are a wide variety of ways to promote your medical office. Signage is one of the most-effective as it is affordable and reaches a large audience. Here are some of the most-popular products purchased by medical offices and why they work for the industry: Vinyl Decals-Vinyl decals can be (read on...)

Marketing the Specialty Medical Practice

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You know the issues… Your chiropractic, physical therapy or medical practice offers a myriad of special services… • For women to combat the effects of osteoporosis and/or hormonal issues • Sports rehabilitation services for the athlete • Recuperative and Neuropathy Treatments for (read on...)

Managing Chaos In A Busy Practice

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Sometimes things in the workplace can just get out of control and managing chaos can seem like an impossible task. Chaos in any office environment, including a medical practice can be a quick and direct path to losing customers or patients as well as leaving you open to mistakes and (read on...)

Tracking Employee Performance In A Medical Practice

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In order to keep a medical practice running successfully it is crucial to track employee performance. Similarly when changes need to be made to increase the efficiency of the office, it is important for practice managers to ensure that all employees are on board and embracing the changes. A prime (read on...)

Medical Practice Management: How To Motivate Your Medical Staff

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Motivating medical staff relies heavily on learning and developing good interpersonal skills. Your ability to interact with your medical team on an interpersonal level will determine how well you are able to motivate them to make your organization a success. Here are some tips you can follow: Set (read on...)

If You Were a Patient Would You Go to Your Medical Practice?

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Doctors often look at their own medical practice through their eyes – those of a well educated medical professional – not the eyes of a patient. Oftentimes, the small things that are important to the patients are overlooked. Try this and see what your senses tell you about your (read on...)

The Key to Marketing in This Economy

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The last two years have been difficult for Americans because of the downturn in the economy. Almost every area of business has been affected – medical and dental practices included. Even many medical practices relying on insurance reimbursement have felt the decline. Many of their patients (read on...)

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