8 Great Ideas For Medical Office Signs

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Medical offices face intense competition and are always in need of neighborhood support and a competitive edge. Adding unique signage and pure creativity is a great way to grab the attention of the new patients and attract them to your friendly and professional medical services. Here is a rundown (read on...)

Top 7 Sign Products For Your Medical Office

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There are a wide variety of ways to promote your medical office. Signage is one of the most-effective as it is affordable and reaches a large audience. Here are some of the most-popular products purchased by medical offices and why they work for the industry: Vinyl Decals-Vinyl decals can be (read on...)

The Five Must-Have Meetings for Your Medical Office

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For any team to work well together, it is vital that each player know how their individual role fits into the big picture of what the organization is trying to achieve. It is why the football coach gathers the entire team together before the big game to discuss strategy. Equally important is that (read on...)

A Career in Healthcare Management – Who Does What in a Medical Office?

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These descriptions will not perfectly fit all practices, this is just a generalization. Each practice divides duties based on the number and skills of the staff in their office, and the providers’ specialties. These descriptions should help to define what the basic tasks are in most (read on...)

A Medical Office Manager’s Technology Policy

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Technology today is ever growing; and to keep up with it requires constant learning and dedication. For instance, the computer software is just one thing to learn for your medical office staff; but now we have smart cell phones, smaller smarter computers, social media, and many other areas on (read on...)

High Staff Turn Over Adversely Affects Medical Practice

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These days it is very easy to see that the staff turn over rate is high in medical practice. It is very important to obtain staff that complements the practice. Yet, for this to happen, the values of the staff must align with those of the practice. However, such an alignment does not always (read on...)