Doing Medical Lead Generation – Some Tips for Safer and Effective Campaigns

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When you make use of telemarketing as just another avenue to make sales for your firm that targets medical companies, then you need to have on your hands high-quality and clean lists. Over the years, telemarketers and telemarketing companies have had numerous regulations imposed upon their (read on...)

What Can You Do With Medical Telemarketing? An Answer to That Question

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The big question you may be asking yourself is “what can I do with medical telemarketing services?” Asking yourself such a question is a natural thing, especially if you are a newly opened company that is targeting the healthcare and medical industry. That being said, you may stumble (read on...)

Chiropractors Lead Generation – Getting the Information Out There

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Lead generation simply means to create or to generate interest for potential customers or clientele. The medical lead generation are usually given through the search engines, through mail and email or via telephone. There are also now lead generation made through social networks like Facebook and (read on...)