Facebook Is Now a Public Company – Now It Is Time to Mend The Company’s Reputation

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One thing I learned when competing in track and field and foot races was that even if you got a lousy start, that didn’t necessarily mean you couldn’t pull off a victory. Now then, if we take that lesson and apply it to business in the social networking space, we see that Facebook got (read on...)

Does Your Business Suffer Some Kind of Sickness? You Might Be Suffering From Social Media Deficiency

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(Read it as: why you should use Facebook and how to get started) Let’s start this talk with a little bit of meditation. Close your eyes and think about the last time you used advertising to get new customers. How did it work? Which media channel did you use? How much did it cost you, and (read on...)

How the Media and Advertising Is Used to Train You

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When was the last time you sat and listened to a commercial on television? Do you see and hear the difference as to how companies are pushing products as opposed to 30 years ago? 30 years ago they may have put a woman in the kitchen holding her stomach and in the meantime, a jingle would play in (read on...)

How to Harness the Power of Big Events Through Newspapers

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Research by the Newspaper Marketing Association (NMA) after the FIFA World Cup in South Africa demonstrated the power of newspapers to deliver impact for brands, and companies should look to learn from this with the number of big events coming up over the next couple of years, including the (read on...)

Magazines Are Still a Viable Media Channel

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For the past 20 or so years since the desktop computer started making an appearance in publishing, the magazine industry has had the doom-sayers gathering round, predicting its ultimate death. Yet the industry always manages to pull through. Even with the wide-scale adoption of the internet in (read on...)

Don’t Forget the Customer in the Rush to Digital

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Kraft’s European vice president of marketing, Daryl Fielding, was recently quoted as saying “don’t forget customer needs in the rush to digital”, and for me this serves to highlight some of the problems that marketers face as they look at new technologies to help them (read on...)

Mobile Media Can Help a Small Business Grow

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Mobile communication media can help a small business become successful. It can effectively create a metamorphosis and change a business’s name from obscurity into one that is a household word. This communication strategy combines the best of the advertising with the most effective (read on...)

Instant Guru: 3 Branding Models That Stand Out In Crowded Markets

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In the age of the Internet, everyone has an expert opinion and ways to share it. How do you establish yourself as a thought leader in a sea of bright people who have strong points of view? Here are three ways that help you stand out in crowded markets. Option 1: Voice of a Demographic As a (read on...)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fundamentals

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This article discusses the basics of SEO, short for “search engine optimization”, and is divided into the following sections: Overview of Search Definition of SEO Types of SEO Overview of Search When a person searches for something at a search engine the results that are returned by (read on...)

Social Networking

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In the old days (not that long ago), marketers would craft their message and push it out to the masses. Vehicles used included TV advertising, radio advertising, newspapers and other tools. These were good for taking your message and sending it to the masses. The old model has been turned (read on...)