How Sales and Marketing Professionals Are Reliant On One Another

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While sales and marketing are vastly different from one another, the two are more reliant on one another than just about any other two facets within an organization. For instance, you could have the best sales representatives in the country, but without marketing support, their efforts will only (read on...)

What Do You Expect From Your Marketing Team?

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A marketing team has to fulfill three or four vital functions. The first and foremost is the line function consisting of the sales team for actual selling of the products or services of the company. They do the legwork going about meeting people, actual users and finding out their reactions about (read on...)

Economical Impact of Managed Networks on Your Business

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Organizational growth of almost every business sector is directly proportional to its financial stability. Therefore, cost saving is our main concern before the deployment of any new technology, service or a business procedure. We have studied the market for analyzing the cost associated with (read on...)

Integrated Marketing: What It Is, and Why This Approach Achieves Success

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What are the benefits of integrated marketing? An integrated marketing approach provides: A single, experienced resource that has the capability to strategize, create AND develop all marketing initiatives A single strong “voice” – rather than multiple whispers – to convey (read on...)

Your Logo: Mixed Message, or Marketing MVP?

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Logos are all about communication, not looking pretty. (The word “logo” is derived from the Greek word for “word” or “speech”.) And if you follow even the most basic rules of branding, you use your organization’s logo everywhere you can, whenever you get (read on...)

Five Secrets to a Strong Marketing Team

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I’m convinced that the secret to a strong marketing team, or any well-run business team, can be boiled down to five things. I want to list these five things or traits that I believe are the most important to having a fundamentally sound marketing and creative services organization, and (read on...)

Marketing – The Voice of the Product

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Many business operators today still doubt the essence of marketing as a way of increasing the sale volume of their products. This is a wrong perception that must be eradicated and in place replaced by the understanding of the need for any business operating today to practice marketing as a way of (read on...)

Five Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

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To outsource or not to outsource your marketing, is that the question? Many companies already outsource part or all of their marketing function with partners that include advertising agencies, SEO specialists and strategic consultancies to add expertise in particular areas. You may well have a (read on...)

The Coexistence of Sales and Marketing, With a Dash of the Lakers

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The discussion about sales and marketing and how the two groups work together has been around for decades. There are companies and business professionals who normally sit in one camp or the other. I’ve noticed over my entire career that one either classifies themselves as a (read on...)

Building Your Marketing Team for the 21st Century

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Over the past few years in particular, there have been numerous articles from recruiters and executives talking about the characteristics that need to be in place to build a strong marketing team, one that can flourish through the many twists, turns, challenges and advancements which are (read on...)