Marketing Success: Create Your Marketing Calendar To Match Your Income Goals

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Now it may seem obvious that every business needs a marketing plan but not every business has one or if they do it’s often not mapped out on their calendar so it never really gets implemented as planned. This means the results are likely to be less than predicted and a lot less than desired (read on...)

"The" Secret to Marketing Your Business Successfully!

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There is a secret to marketing your business. It is commonly known as a business plan, but referring to “a business plan” conjures up negative images. A business plan costs too much. It will sit in a file cabinet or on a shelf and collect dust. Or the most common refrain, “Who (read on...)

Why Companies Need to Use Print to Improve Their Marketing Success

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Imagine trying to communicate without print. For some years print has been an unloved form of communication. E-communication has been all the rage. Marketing and sales teams dream of communicating with all customers purely by e-mail and web advertising. But now the tide is turning. Print is back (read on...)

Core Values for Marketing Success

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“Increased competition is driving marketers to find ways to improve customer loyalty.” Everyone has heard this statement before, but you don’t need to completely overhaul your organization or copy everything your competition is doing to beat them at the loyalty game. To beat (read on...)

Marketing Success Tips for Financial Advisers: Stick to the Basics, It’s All About the 3 R’s

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Building sustainable revenue for your advisory practice is all about developing Reputation, Relationships and Referrals. No doubt you have worked long hours over the many years of your practice to build a stellar reputation. Reputation is synonymous with honor. Guard it. It is the single most (read on...)

The Strategic Blending Process – The Only Way To Succeed Today

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Marketing & Sales – The Current State of Affairs And The Strategic Blending Process If you are paying attention, the social media folks would have you believe that all you need to do to be successful in your business or career today is to be a social media guru with Facebook, LinkedIn (read on...)

Study, Think and Plan Your Way To Marketing Success

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An American called W. Clement Stone once said, ‘Keep your mind on your objective, and persist until you succeed. Study, think and plan’. And he should know for he built a tiny $1,000 insurance business into a billion dollar one. The objective of your marketing activity is to create (read on...)

Learn to SMS for Marketing Success

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If you are at all like most online marketers, you have exhausted your resources for new customers. You have probably had ad campaigns running all over the Internet, trying to test out new demographics or different sets of keywords. But if you haven’t found an easy to implement,fast platform (read on...)

Marketing Delusion No. 11 – Marketing Does Not Take Patience, I Can Expect Overnight Results

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A striking characteristic of marketing is that it is typically accompanied by the unrealistic expectation that we should get immediate results from every marketing activity. No matter what the marketing activity is – networking, publishing articles, public speaking – we think that we (read on...)

The Power of Google +1 Button for Internet Marketing Success

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Success is the destination of every venture. Therefore, it is when it comes to internet marketing. An average internet marketer wants to see those checks coming in, and it takes some effort to make that happen. However, the Google +1 button that has been newly introduced into the electronic world (read on...)