Why You Need a Marketing Services?

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The secret to success in any field or industry is preparation. Professional baseball players don’t get paid to close their eyes, swing hard and hope they hit a home run. They spend hours each day, days per week, and months out of a year to prepare to be the best they can be and expect to (read on...)

How to Sell Outrageous Amounts of Technology Services in Three Simple Steps – Guaranteed

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Selling technology services is no picnic. Actually, selling ANY service is tough. Though, in my book, technology services are the toughest. After all, they’re complex, confusing and generally difficult to present to clients. And like all intangibles, services don’t really exist at (read on...)

Some Pointers on Writing a Headline

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Just about any sales message, whether in print or on-line needs a headline-a good one. Let’s face it, the headline of your sales message is responsible for up to 80% of the response from that sales message. Hence, the success or failure of most marketing efforts rests very much on the power (read on...)

Coaches and VAs – Is Your Business Brand Overshadowing What You Offer?

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There is no question that branding is an important factor when creating a successful business. Deciding on your business values and USPs through to the look and feel of your website and the colour and shape of your logo are all important considerations when deciding on how to attract clients to (read on...)

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