The Best Marketing Advice I Ever Received!

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Many years ago I attended a marketing seminar put on by a self-made marketing guru and entrepreneur. I have to admit, this was a seminar I reluctantly attended. If you are like me, I used to look at these invitations to these things as a nuisance, and not an opportunity. So, as a favor to a (read on...)

The Ultimate Power of Marketing Is in Creating ‘Wants’

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The marketing power of many corporations is so potent that they can create demands for whatever goods and services they choose to provide. That was the assertion – way back in 1958 – of John Kenneth Galbraith, author of “The Affluent Society” and a Harvard economist. A (read on...)

What Is a SWOT Analysis and Why Is It Important to a Marketing Plan?

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‘Tis the season for developing marketing plans. Well, really that season was about four months ago, at the latest. That fact notwithstanding, I am still, in February, working with some of my procrastinating clients to put together their marketing plans for 2012. Because of this, I’ve (read on...)

Marketing Your Small Business Using Leaflet and Flyer Delivery Services

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If you own or operate a small local business it is very likely that it provides your only source of income. It may also be the case that your marketing and advertising budget is limited. In these cases it is really important to make sure that you chose the best form of advertising to make sure (read on...)

Powerful Tips For Designing A Situation Analysis for Marketing Plans

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The most important part of your marketing plan will be the situation analysis for marketing plans. This is the part of the strategy that details the goals you have for your company, the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as the essential elements like the distributors, the most (read on...)

Learn How Direct Marketing Plans Can Expand Your Business

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Direct marketing plans are the plans, ideas, and strategies that a company uses to get the information concerning their goods and services to the customer base they are trying to reach. There are many different methods of doing this action. Direct marketing plans include brochures that promote (read on...)

Putting Your Brand Before Your (Marketing) Plan

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Most small business owners I talk to simply don’t have a marketing plan. I read a statistic somewhere that said in actual fact 95% of small businesses don’t have one. However, what’s more worrying is those that do, haven’t always thought it through and are spending money (read on...)

Marketing Plans for Small Business

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Small business marketing is on the rise. That is to say there are more small companies trying to maintain their profit margin. World wide economic slowdown has brought stress to almost every form of business. Large or small, each one is looking for more profit. Big government production is having (read on...)

Does Your Marketing Plan Account for Failure?

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When entrepreneurs start a new business or even a new division of an existing business they often spend a good deal of time on their marketing plan. Often they spend too much time on planning trying to analyze every item that should be done to ensure the business is a raging success. Some (read on...)

Inbound Marketing – The Latest Marketing Trend

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Inbound marketing is a new trend that is gaining popularity in the world of business. According to industry experts, inbound marketing companies can help businesses reach their target audience. As a matter of fact, traditional outbound marketing has taken a back seat. Companies are focusing their (read on...)