How To Increase Sales From Your Website

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Are you getting lots of visitors to your website, or loads of clicks from your Pay per Click campaigns, but barely making any sales? Are your opt-in rates dismal at best? If so you need to carry on reading! So, you’ve got a great product or service, you’ve developed a website and you (read on...)

Dental Marketing Online – It’s Essential for the Growth of Your Dental Practice

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Do you feel that your website is not particularly successful in bringing your dental practice new clients? There is no doubt about the fact that a website is absolutely essential for your business (or any business, for that matter) because a growing number of customers use the internet in order (read on...)

There Is a Difference Between Marketing and Lying – Be Careful of the Latter

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Many people say that the Internet is the wild-wild-West when it comes to advertising and marketing. And whereas, that may be so, that doesn’t make it acceptable to lie to potential future clients, customers, or the American consumer. It’s just not okay, and there is a right way and a (read on...)

What A Virtual PR and Marketing Agency Does That Other’s Can Not

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We see that you’re seeking a new public relations agency to handle a huge project you have coming up. In the meantime, you’re asking, can an online public relations agency do what a large brick-and-mortar conglomerate can do to enhance our business ideas going forward? That’s a (read on...)

Should You Market in an Uncertain Economy?

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With the stock markets plunging up and down like a yo-yo, protests on Wall Street and the risk of Greece defaulting on its debt, it seems the world’s economy is hanging by a thread these days. This economic uncertainty is enough to have even the biggest corporations on edge, wondering how (read on...)

The Benefits Of Online Marketing For Banks

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Due to technological advancement, the presence of computers and internet in particular, there are so many things that can be done virtually. Aside from doing some research, making friends and communicating with other people who are in another place, you will be able to do so much more than those (read on...)

Video Marketing: Discover These 5 Tips When Marketing With Video

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Video marketing is nothing new when it comes to effective internet marketing tools. The internet is always changing and if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to know how to effectively use videos the right way. In other words, you cannot create a video, place it on your website and (read on...)

Top Seven Pitfalls of Small Business Marketing Online

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In the modern age, many business marketing practices that once were the staple of companies worldwide, have become widely less effective. At the turn of the century, cutting edge companies began seeking opportunities on the internet, and in recent years, even small local businesses have started (read on...)

How Do I Get Started Marketing My Tourism Business on the Internet?

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Getting started marketing online can be pretty overwhelming, even more overwhelming if you have already started and want to refine your direction. What’s best for our tourism businesses? Travel review sites like TripAdvisor? Google AdWords? Search Engine Marketing? YouTube? Facebook? (read on...)

Quality Versus Quantity – Marketing Online

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Right from the beginning you need to work out exactly who, where and why you want to reach them. While it would be great to think we are super human and can go 24/7 to make our businesses work, it is not realistic and you may be able to do that for a while but you will certainly hit a stopping (read on...)