Creativity, Concept, Imagination and Innovation – What Have They in Common?

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Too often today we focus on crafting interesting campaigns and ads that give the consumer 30 seconds of original entertainment. We may be missing the point by not giving them something to think about. If your brand is well established, your strategy should involve the use of other platforms that (read on...)

What Is Market Research? Why Is It So Important to Your Marketing Mix?

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Market research is the objective process for generating information to help you make strategic business and marketing decisions. Marketing is an essential part of business. However to ensure your marketing plan is successful, it is essential for a business to take a customer view across the (read on...)

Importance of Marketing Mix

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Marketing being an integral part of operations in a company, companies often invest and allocate substantial financial resources and efforts into marketing activities. In the current scenario it is necessary to be accurate and efficient in managing the marketing resources and the budget allocated (read on...)

Seminar Marketing: 5 Steps for Planning a Successful Workshop

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When you want to add workshops and seminars to your marketing mix, you cannot start planning too soon. In fact, with seminar marketing, the earlier you begin, the more successful they will be. Here are 5 steps that will help you plan a successful workshop. Pick a dateSounds easy, doesn’t (read on...)

Brilliant Marketing and JV’s Put J Lo Back on Top

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Jennifer Lopez is one smart marketer. She hasn’t had a top ten single since 2003 (that’s eight years ago!) and due to some very smart marketing and partnerships, her new single, On The Floor… Landed at #1 on iTunes single download chart Hit #9 on Billboard’s Hot (read on...)

Internet Marketing? Print-Based? Social Media? Slow Down Before You Bite Off More Than You Can Chew!

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There are so many opportunities out there for today’s business that it can leave you feeling like a kid in a candy store. Facebook business pages open a direct channel to your customers. Twitter allows for real time customer service and a literally unlimited number of people hanging on your (read on...)

Marketing – Understanding the Marketing Mix

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Understanding the marketing mix in your business is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur. But the problem is – even before our real problems start – most people don’t even understand what a marketing mix is, or why it’s so important. The Marketing Mix Many business (read on...)

Why Is the 5th P More Important Than the Rest of the Ps in a Marketing Mix – The People Power

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When a man and a woman have a child, they have a little human being. Their gene dictates whether that human is a male or a female. In other words they are represented as “X” or “Y”. Similarly brands are given birth keeping in mind the end user. So they are either male or (read on...)

Everyone Has A Brand

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Let’s face it… we use the word “Brand” all of the time. We talk of brands we like, as well as the ones we do not like. Successful organizations have established valuable brand equity and a strong brand name. Think about people’s loyalty to Nike’s Just Do It (read on...)

Marketing Mix – My View of the 4Ps

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In an evolving market and with the developing technology there is no single approach to guarantee your success. Your ability to adapt and your flexibility to tackle different challenges is what will give you an edge over your competitors. In my role as a Commercial executive, I was always (read on...)