How to Get the Most From Corporate Sponsorships

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Sponsorship Can Pay Off, If You’re Smart About It Are you thinking about sponsoring an event, conference, trade show or community fundraiser? Read this first, so you can turn a potential money pit into a real opportunity to build your business. If I sound harsh, it’s because I know (read on...)

How to Attract Holistic Health Clients With Your One-Minute Marketing Message

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A One-Minute Marketing Message is a short, concise spoken promotion for your holistic health practice. Known in the marketing industry as an “elevator speech,” it is a term describing a quick description of your business that you can use when you have only a few seconds to get your (read on...)

To Attract Clients, You Need Clarity

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With many distractions, opportunities, and demands on our time and resources it’s never been more important to focus on clarity in your business. There is a saying that a confused mind doesn’t buy. Because there is so much choice potential customers and clients will be drawn towards (read on...)

Small Businesses Generate Leads and Get More Customers by Implementing This Marketing System

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The Money Making Marketing System Focuses on a Step by Step proven system to generate new leads and sales that every small business owner must have: The first main issue in marketing is right message. What is that message, marketing message? What do you say to your marketplace, to your past, (read on...)

Create An Immediate Marketing Surge

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What do you say to your past, present and future prospects, clients and customers, that is so compelling. Which cannot be ignored and must be responded to? Who do you communicate your message to, by what deliberate strategy, and who do you not say it to? How do you deliver (type of media) the (read on...)

Successful Business Marketing Needs To Unlock The Power of Graphic Design

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Have you ever wondered why a picture is worth a thousand words? When put into a marketing context there is a simple and powerful explanation. Start by considering the number of languages you speak. Now add one for yourself and everyone else in the world. This additional language is called Graphic (read on...)

You Have 8 Seconds: Get My Attention

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Did this headline grab your attention? Good, because that’s what this month’s article is about… getting the attention of your customer. In today’s technology-fueled, fast paced, sound bite world, distractions abound. Our ever shrinking attention span makes it more (read on...)

Do You Know What Motivates Your Customers to Buy? It Might Be Time to Find Out!

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No matter what type of business you own, your first step in a successful marketing campaign is deciding who your business is helping and how your products will solve their problems. Another name for this is “defining your target market.” The most successful products are designed with (read on...)

Tips for Professional Advisers – Give Your Clients a Massage With the Right Message

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“The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.” -George Bernard Shaw Over the course of my thirty years as a financial adviser and coach to successful attorneys and financial advisers I have observed the truth in Shaw’s quote. Sometimes what we think we (read on...)

13 Marketing Tips For Small Business

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THE LUCKY 13… Here are 13 things you need to check through to make sure you have implemented them ALL in your business. 1. Create a great USP – something that stands out and tells your clients why you are not only the best choice, but the only choice in their purchasing decision. 2. (read on...)