How to Use Lead Management System Efficiently

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Companies spend millions of dollars generating leads and yet most of them do not translate into business. Marketing people fail to keep track as to what actually happens to the leads post they go to the sales channels. In other words there is no effective measurement or ROI. But there is a (read on...)

Choosing A Lead Management System

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It is always interesting to ask a person what kind of lead management system their business has. Some have absolutely no system in place, while others have some pretty nice ones in place. The ones I am thinking about right now are the ones who have some type of system in place and say they track (read on...)

Introduction To Marketing Management

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As with any terminology used in the business world it is important that one knows the concept and meaning of the term used. It is also important to know how and when to apply this term. When it comes to an introduction to marketing management it is important for you to first know what marketing (read on...)

What Does Acquisition Cost Mean For My Business Anyway?

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WHAT DOES ACQUISITION COST MEAN? More importantly, how does it affect your business? Just the other day I had an interesting conversation with a person who sells marketing. We were looking at marketing costs and sales for a certain company. Just for now we’ll call that company ABC. She was (read on...)

The Importance of Strategic Marketing Consulting in Marketing Vendor Management

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There are two types of strategic marketing consulting. The first is the development of strategic marketing plans including product and service development, pricing strategy, distribution and possibly the most high profile, promotion and advertising. The second type of strategic marketing (read on...)

Selecting the Top Advertising Agency for Your Business Depends on the Metrics You Measure

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Many advertisers are looking for the top advertising agency for their brand. But what constitutes a top advertising agency? And how do you go about identifying and selecting the best advertising agency for the brand or organization? The most obvious answer is that the top agency is the one that (read on...)

Five Reasons Agency Compensation Should Not Be Relationship Based

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Don’t get me wrong, measuring and managing a high quality relationship is important between agencies and marketers. But at the ANA Marketing Financial Management Conference last week in Phoenix, Arizona, there was a presentation by Sarah Armstrong on Value Based Agency Compensation. In this (read on...)

Leave It to CMOs to Ruin Signs of Prosperity

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And I can say that because I am one. P.S. – “CMO” stands for Chief Marketing Officer for those turned-off by yet another acronym. For most of us as consumers, the last several years have been memorable and not in a good way (financially). The housing crisis, the sagging of the (read on...)

How to Develop a Marketing Plan

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A sensible and strategic marketing plan is an important tool that serves to maneuver your company toward competitive advantage. It closes the gap between your corporate conditions against the external influences in terms of sustainable competitive advantage pillars of innovation, relevance, (read on...)

The Way Forward For Marketing Project Management

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Why are other departments such as accounts, fulfillment and operations more organized than marketing? With today’s standards, the marketing function may represent the greatest opportunity for increasing overall business growth and company innovation. Your campaign management people feel the (read on...)

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