The Creative Process

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Having worked in the creative end of this business for a good while, I have often been asked “How do you come up with advertising ideas?” Do ideas just happen? So why do some seem to be so prolific at generating ideas while others are seemingly so challenged? Does it have something to (read on...)

How Integrated Marketing Can Save Your Budget and Your Mind

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Is your marketing plan all over the place? Does your message get diluted by the number of competing priorities and interests within your company? Do you often feel like you’re wasting your budget? In this tip I’d like to introduce you to the simple wisdom of Integrated Marketing (read on...)

What Is Market Research? Why Is It So Important to Your Marketing Mix?

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Market research is the objective process for generating information to help you make strategic business and marketing decisions. Marketing is an essential part of business. However to ensure your marketing plan is successful, it is essential for a business to take a customer view across the (read on...)

Does the Outside World See Your Business Clearly?

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How is your business perceived in the marketplace? Do you even know? You need to care! If you’re having trouble getting your prospects and customers to understand what makes you valuable, unique and the best choice among your competitors, then you may be having trouble getting your Inside (read on...)

The Important Distinctions Between Relationship, Collaboration and Performance Benchmarking

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In measuring the interactions between agencies and the marketers there are a number of considerations that must be considered to ensure the right outcome. Many people use terms such as performance, relationship and collaboration interchangeably and yet there are important distinctions between (read on...)

Marketing Communications and Other Brand Communication Activities

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The odd fact, is that as much as we all have been the targets of marketing communications for pretty much our entire lives, it’s but a select small percentage of the population who understand what it is and how it works. Those who have studied it, and make a living at it are called market (read on...)

What Is One of the Most Important Factors for Driving Business Growth?

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So you own a business, or you are growing a business, or you are launching a new product or service. While at first glance entities like sales personnel and product quality (hey, a lot of people successfully sell very poor quality products!) can seem much more important than writing, writing is (read on...)

Benefit by Cutting the Confusion for Customers

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Are you confusing customers in your marketing communications? It’s a common mistake and one that is currently being parodied in an advert on Australian TV. It goes something like this: A car salesman walks up to a couple sitting in a new car and starts pointing out the car’s features. (read on...)

Logos and Graphic Design: Can You (Bleeping) See It?

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As a writer, I tend to become involved in the graphic design process only peripherally, but I still manage to learn useful lessons from it. One of the most instructive design lessons came from someone who knew absolutely nothing about typography and color theory. I’m fascinated by the (read on...)

Discovering More About Integrated Marketing Communications

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Integrated marketing is best described as “the management of three interconnected business drivers.” Under this business strategy, the business seamlessly optimizes its brand by identifying the unique characteristics of the brand, by training personnel and by launching an aggressive (read on...)