Use Your Existing Marketing Collateral to Plan Your Website

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As you get ready to plan to create your new website or redesign an existing one, a good place to start is by reviewing the existing marketing collateral your business already uses. This is just one of a series of checkpoints which will guide you to a practical and profitable marketing message for (read on...)

Marketing Trends for 2012: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

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The New Year is upon us. And just like every other time we turn the page on the calendar year, it’s time to look back on what just happened so we can anticipate what’s going to happen. Here are five things to keep in mind for 2012: 1) The point of sale is changing. Instead of spending (read on...)

Using Marketing Collateral to Create Conversational Sales Messaging

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Every marketing department produces a wide array of materials that can very effectively help sales people achieve revenue objectives. These materials – whether it is copy on a website, collateral, or industry-generated pieces – provide significant value for sales people as they begin (read on...)

The Challenge Of Ensuring Your Visual Identity Is Consistent

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One of the many benefits of having a consistent style in ALL of your marketing collateral is that you create an ‘immediate awareness’ whenever people catch even a glimpse of your brochure, signage, brochures, television advertising or direct mail. They have seen your stuff before, and (read on...)

Popular Uses for Brochures in Marketing

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Brochures are one of the most valued forms of marketing. It’s the work horse of any company’s marketing collateral. They give an introduction to your business and give enough room for you to provide specific information on what you can provide. However, that is only half of the (read on...)

11 Things to Consider When Updating Your Marketing Collateral

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Are you thinking about creating new marketing collateral? There are many good reasons for producing new marketing materials. Chances are if your materials are more than 12 months old, even 6 months old, that your materials need a refresh. Have you added products or services? Changed your phone (read on...)

The Big Mistake Business Directors Make With Marketing Collateral

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Does your business’s advertising collateral ‘wee’ all over the prospective client? Numerous business people have a hard time putting the client first. Even in marketing collateral, a business Director is likely to target the company rather than the client. Does your marketing (read on...)

The Importance of Consistency With Your Business’s Marketing Collateral

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In order to gain the maximum amount of market share for your particular company or product you must market it in a consistent way. Ideally a customer will recognize your company based on something as simple as a logo or a tagline. There is a reason that companies rarely change their logo. They (read on...)

Bring a Strategic Focus Back Into Marketing

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To decide on the strategic focus for your product marketing, ask yourself one simple question. What “problem” do my potential customers face? This can be a challenge for business and marketers alike. It’s vital to develop a message that demonstrates your product solves your (read on...)

Business Success – Are Excuses Stifling It?

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On a weekly basis, I have a conversation with a handful of companies who are looking for unique ways to reach their market and continue to nurture existing clients. Whether it’s a conversation with a prospect or client, vendor or colleague, there is a common thread: company owners are (read on...)