Notepad Printing Ideas

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Businesses in the current economic cycle are experiencing challenges that were unforeseen in yesteryears. In this competitive business environment, many businesses will use ingenious methods to market itself. One of these marketing methods involves the use of office stationary such as notepads. (read on...)

Take Your Mobile Marketing To The Subsequent Level With These Fantastic Suggestions!

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Mobile marketing can be defined as the distribution of any type of marketing message to a consumer via a wireless network. Companies can employ a selection of techniques that use mobile devices to promote their goods. With a lot of various opinions surrounding mobile marketing, you may be (read on...)

10 Steps to Building a Killer Marketing Campaign

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Building a marketing campaign that is sure to be effective and accomplish your goals is not that hard if you follow some very easy steps along the way. A killer campaign is one that has a defined goal, minimizes risk and has a high ROI. It is usually part of a planned flow of related campaigns (read on...)

Event Marketing – How Fundamental Is It to the Event’s Success

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The key to a successful event is an effective marketing campaign. However, a lot of event organizers fail to strategize on a productive campaign even after spending dollars for the same. The main reason behind the failure of these campaigns is their inability to provide any value to the (read on...)

Marketing For Life

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For the small business owner, marketing was at one time something you just decided to do. In the noisy business climate of today, this should never be the case. Marketing should never be considered a task that you occasionally check off your to do list. Distributing catalogs, flyers or a free (read on...)

How To Use QR Codes Successfully in Marketing

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QR codes are now being used by many companies in their marketing campaigns to connect customers with their online presence and on business cards to provide additional information. QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, can be quickly scanned by customers with their smartphones and can lead (read on...)

5 Critical Factors in Choosing the Correct Promotional Product for Your Next Advertising Campaign

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In this day and age, business marketing is one of the key determining factors for business success. So how can you use promotional products to differentiate your brand from your competitors? There are so many different options when it comes to promotional items that sometimes it can be hard to (read on...)

Choosing a Promotional Product for Your Marketing Campaign: Improve Your Impact and Persistence

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If you type in ‘promotional products’ into Google it gives 51m results, it is easy then to imagine how many promotional gifts, products, premiums and giveaway options are out there! That number of results also tells us that in some way they must work, all those businesses must be (read on...)

Importance of Culture and Avoiding Stereotypes When Marketing to Hispanics

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It is no secret that Hispanics in the United States are part of a growing and influential group. But what must be stressed is that Hispanics do not comprise one monolithic group that can be marketed to in exactly the same ways. You cannot simply take your marketing campaign, translate it into (read on...)

The Word That Improves Every Marketing Campaign

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Not too long ago… There was a HUGE uproar in the soap opera industry. Why? Because the longest running (and most popular) soap opera called Days of Our Lives was cancelled despite the fact that millions watched every day. Talk about some angry fans. Some wrote letters begging to keep the (read on...)