How Employees’ Layoff Can Be Fatal for Manufacturers

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Often manufacturers cite that their narrowing profit margin is the only reason they lay off their employees. Do you think the reason is justified? I don’t think so. I rather consider it a cruel reason indeed. How can a business claim to be kind with the third persons (customers) when it (read on...)

How to Effectively Manage Accounts

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The fundamental part of any business, especially wholesale business is managing accounts. If you have experience of accounting then there would be no problems. On other hand, if you have never dealt with accounting and financing stuff then things will get difficult for you. However, thanks to (read on...)

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

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Where would electronics be without the PCB? It seems a very simple component but without it we would not have the fabulous electronics we surround ourselves with today. There would be no computers or GPS systems. Hybrid cars would be the things of dreams. The commercial, industrial, and military (read on...)

Expert Management – The Backbone of Your Wholesale Manufacturing Business

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To achieve a definite objective, every business, irrespective of its size and scale, has to manage and control its entire operations. This definite objective is to earn maximum profit. Management is the backbone of any wholesale manufacturing business. Many examples can be traced back from the (read on...)

Bulk Purchases – A Beneficial Transaction for Both Buyers and Sellers

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If you ever get a chance to compare the wholesale and retail prices of the products you will come to know wholesale prices are half of the retail price. This is because supply chain involves various parties and the product reaching the final consumer has to pass through various hands before (read on...)

Time Management and Wholesale Business

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Do you feel that your wholesale business is falling apart and you spend your whole day in managing different activities and at the end of the day you wonder you have not accomplished much? Let me tell you the fact, you need to adopt different time management techniques to handle all your (read on...)

Unique Marketing Techniques – A Secret to Success in Wholesale Business

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In business there are two main dealings which are buying and selling. Buying is an easy thing as the sellers themselves approach buyers. On other hand selling is quite difficult thing as buyers never contact sellers instead sellers have to contact buyers and have to convince them to buy products. (read on...)

Primary Concerns of Wholesalers

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Primary concern of wholesalers is to maintain their position in the market. The first and foremost issue faced by the wholesalers is the disintermediation of marketing channels. Disintermediation here refers to the removal of wholesalers form the marketing channel, leading to direct transaction (read on...)

Wholesalers Can Increase Their Market Worth by Providing Value-Added Services

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Generally different retailers purchase products in smaller quantities which are transported to them by wholesalers or by a third party. Wholesalers hold an important place in the market because they are the one who is facilitating both manufacturers as well as retailers. Due to increasing (read on...)

Benefits Manufacturers Could Reap Through Selling to End Consumers

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Manufacturers market their products through retailers or through online channels and physical stores. It means they depend upon retailers for making sales to end customers on their behalf. Approaching a retail channel that can give good exposure to products proves to be an expensive and costly (read on...)

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