Employee Management Faux Pas – Don’t Do This!

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Are you the super manager everyone wants to work for, or the one that employees secretly loathe? Check out these common mistakes that backfire when managing employees. 1. Don’t pretend you have all the answers. You may think you are making yourself look good, but you are likely not hearing (read on...)

How to Manage Difficult Staff Members

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There can never be a definitive response to the question of how to manage difficult staff members. Each and every employee within a company is an individual, and as such will respond differently to a variety of stimuli. Encouragement may work with some, whereas others will respond better to the (read on...)

Employee Needs: 10 Things People Want Most at Work

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Employee satisfaction and happiness are about more than money. Studies show that, while people do want to be compensated fairly, they actually care about other kinds of things more. And it’s those other things that play a huge role in talent retention whether we are talking about the (read on...)

Managing Staff Feedback and Ideas to Get the Best Results

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Many companies leave strategy and direction to the senior management team. Employees lower down the ‘ranks’ find it difficult to get ideas implemented or even heard. A small number of companies, however, make an effort to listen to their staff, no matter where in the ranks they sit. (read on...)

Managing Staff Morale – What Managers Ignore

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I have been following an interesting debate over assessing motivation of employees, taking place on a social networking forum. These days almost all employers use some form of motivational assessment tools, psychometric tests, etc., to assess how a potential employee or manager’s primary (read on...)

Are You Just the Owner of Your Practice Or the Leader?

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Just because the buck ultimately stops with you as the owner of the practice, that does not necessarily mean you are the leader by default. Without a leader giving clear direction, many practices flounder and do not reach their full potential. Here are some simple traits that true leaders (read on...)