Extreme Time Management

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I had an opportunity to visit with a close friend who let me sit in and learn his revolutionary time management philosophy. Although the methods are a bit extreme, there is no doubting the results. Below are my notes from my time spent with Capital Supply at their regional conference in Orlando (read on...)

Trust My Manager? Are You Kidding Me?

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I heard somebody saying this last week to, presumably, a colleague of his. And it made me think and realize that one of the major problems in companies and organizations nowadays is indeed a huge lack of trust. In fact it is a huge problem in our society as a whole, but let’s focus on (read on...)

Hand in Glove Fit: 5 Tips for Working With a Younger Boss

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Think of the palm of your hand as your working environment. And consider your thumb and fingers as the key connections to that working environment. While you could make do without a finger, or even your thumb, you wouldn’t want to because the experience would be less then optimally (read on...)

As a Manager, You’d Never Let Ego Get in the Way, Would You?

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I want to share the following scenario for you to consider from your own management experience: An interdepartmental project was well underway, involving three departments: Dept’s A and B, are more heavily involved than the third, C. Head of Dept A, Steve, has jumped in and taken on the (read on...)

Survival Tips For Managing the Micromanaging Boss

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Surviving An Unreasonable Micromanaging Boss Every company has its share of bad bosses that micromanage, bully, or just drives you crazy. In this tough economy, one of the worst bad bosses to have is a micromanager – someone who is constantly looking over your shoulder, giving unwanted (read on...)

Who Do You Follow? 10 Keys to Being a Good Leader

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If you are presently in a position of leadership or you aspire to be, then understand that a Leader knows how to lead and a person who aspires to be a lead must learn what it takes to be a leader. When a leader leads, others will follow and do so willingly. But what is the makeup of a good (read on...)

How Not To Manage A Hotel Part 2 – Technical Skills

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I have always believed that every industry, business and profession requires certain specialized traits, skills and attributes in those who are engaged in its management. If that was not so, would we have needed education for churning out medical doctors or nuclear physicists or for that matter a (read on...)

Workplace Change: Tebow Reveals Generation Y Promise

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Tebow is 7-1 as a starting quarterback for the Broncos after a 1-4 start since taking over for Kyle Orton. The young, new-to-pro-football quarterback “is doing what decades of conventional NFL wisdom said couldn’t be done”, wrote Jim Litke in The Daily Sentinel. He is playing (read on...)

Necessary Qualifications for a Six Sigma Project Manager

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Some people have worked in their business positions without a higher education. However, to obtain and keep a managerial position, you will need to make yourself a better candidate than anyone else. Getting a four year college degree is a start. However, a graduate education will put you even (read on...)

Key Management Skills and Competencies

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The manager is the planner, as well as the director. Basically, he or she has to make the firm’s goals clear, make plans to achieve them, and at the same time, direct employees to them. It is definitely not an easy job, and anyone planning for a future in management has to make sure that (read on...)