Leadership Coaching: Efficiency Vs Innovation In Management

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Economic Crisis and Efficiency- Based Strategies Management experts sprout profusely during a recession. It is in these times when their services are highly in demand. The sole strategy of organizational leaders in dealing with the economic downturn is often to cut costs, lay off workers and (read on...)

The Benefits of an Effective Employee Management Strategy

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As a newly promoted manager or team leader of a company, you must understand that is your job to motivate your team and support your team in their tasks. Effective management of a team will help you get the most productivity and performance from your team and company. Unfortunately most newly (read on...)

Guides to a Good Management Strategy

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Choosing the decision of having your own business is a great risk to take especially if it is your first time. If you haven’t even had the chance to handle your own business or even had a background of what a business is then you would really need to learn a lot. When you decide to build (read on...)

Senior Management Survival Steps For Today’s Experiential Market

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Let’s get one thing straight about ‘Strategic Management’ right off the bat. Strategy is NOT just for ‘top-level’ or ‘long-term’ decisions. Strategy exists at every level, both long-term and short-term, in every single decision and action of an (read on...)

Business Management and LEAN – 8 Ways to Make Haste and Shake Out Your Waste

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Stick with me a moment, because this story has true application for a LEAN business management strategy — a recipe that works. The Dumb Story You’re a Norwegian bachelor, sitting in your kitchen and minding your own business. But every time you look up, there’s another guy there (read on...)

Management Strategy – Delegate and Eliminate to Grow a Successful Practice

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Business Growth Strategy: Delegate and Eliminate Scrambling to manage your practice but never gaining ground in your market? It’s possible the need to do everything yourself is holding you back from real growth. If you started as a solo practitioner, you may be hesitant to let go of key (read on...)

The Icarus Paradox – Why Some Nigerian Banks Failed!

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Some Nigerian banks have become victims of their own success. This is especially true following the last bank consolidation exercise undertaken by the Central Bank of Nigeria. While it is a bit difficult to explain how a perfectly profitable business such as a bank can just fail almost overnight, (read on...)

Hope is a Management Strategy

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If the people you manage do not believe that what they do has a tangible, positive impact, what do they believe? You might have heard that hope is not a strategy; the truth in management is that without hope any team will lack motivation and resilience. When you remember that hope is something (read on...)