The Benefits of an Effective Employee Management Strategy

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As a newly promoted manager or team leader of a company, you must understand that is your job to motivate your team and support your team in their tasks. Effective management of a team will help you get the most productivity and performance from your team and company. Unfortunately most newly (read on...)

Using Performance Management Strategies to Achieve Success

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By using performance management strategies, team leaders can ensure that they meet their goals in a timely manner. These methods help all the members of a group to function more effectively. These techniques improve spending and allow staff members to develop their full potential. One method that (read on...)

Motivation and Employee Engagement

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Motivation and employee engagement are perennial business concerns. There are more articles and news stories about increasing drops in performance and the costs of under-performing particularly in our current financial uncertainty. Part of this must have to do with employees settling into the (read on...)

Managing Generation Y – Turning Frustration Into a Sigh of Relief

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Despite what we may think, being a good boss these days does not mean taking a “hands off” approach, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If there is anything Generation Y is used to, it’s being parented and negotiating for things they want. Now, no boss wants to serve as a (read on...)

Brand Management – Three Killer Weapons to Build and Strengthen Your Brand

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Building a brand is essential for the long term success of an online business. A strong brand management strategy helps you connecting with your customers on a deeper emotional level, based on a shared focused message. To define your brand you need to focus on your main goals and define a (read on...)