Follow These 10 Money Making Rules to Prosperity in the New Economy

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Marketing is not something you learn, it is something you do. Since the money comes from mastery of marketing, it is something the savvy business person dedicates his life to doing. Most business people do not even understand what marketing is and how it impacts making money. They think of (read on...)

How to Profit From the 6 Laws of Recession Survival

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Most promotion, advertising, and marketing stinks. Here is an example, and this has probably happened to you… some hotshot salesperson comes walking into your place of business and tells you that you have got to get your name out there. You ask, “What exactly does that mean?” He (read on...)

Six Marketing and Sales Strategies for Gigantic Breakthroughs

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The old economy is shattered and gone forever… and it is never coming back as it was. While some time-honored, reliable business strategies and skills continue to have their places… and are even more important than ever… they must be combined with new, more creative and agile (read on...)

Did You Dance on Main Street to Promote Your Business in the New Economy?

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With consumers and businesses pinching pennies, the only way to survive is to provide customers with things they don’t yet know they need and then promote your business all over the Internet by dancing on Main Street. The New Economy is being driven by targeting needs not wants. Not too (read on...)

Build a Monopoly for Your Main Street Business and Thrive

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Recently, Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft, said “if General Motors had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we all would be driving $25.00 cars that get 1,000 miles to the gallon.” General Motors quickly issued this reply: “If GM had developed technology (read on...)

Why Are Main Street Businesses in Need of New Marketing?

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Why is that Main Street and local businesses are in need of new marketing? So many things have changed in the world around us and their continually changing everyday.  What little most Main Street businesses understand about marketing is about two decades old by now and hasn’t worked (read on...)