Using Every Door Direct Mail Postcards For Advertising

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The Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program has introduced a new outlet for business owners to advertise in their local communities. There are many great flyer and postcard options available. The best way to utilize these materials to their fullest is to understand your audience and know what offer (read on...)

Busted Myth: Direct Mail Never Works

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If you ask Zach Graves of Carino’s Italian Restaurant in Meridian, Idaho about direct mail, he’ll tell you that this marketing strategy CAN indeed work. Over the last few months he has used two different direct mail strategies with mixed results. What the losing mailer lacked, the (read on...)

Perfecting the Marketing Message

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Foundational marketing begins with a list of Suxpex. Suspex are people who are in your marketplace that you have identified as potential patients. Of course, the desired outcome would be to convert 100% of your Suspex to a Patient. But, the reality is you can’t achieve 100% no matter how (read on...)

Creating the Perfect Postcard Design For Your Business

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Direct mail campaigns can be one of the most cost-effective and successful ways for advertising your company to thousands of potential new customers.  The postcard design your use to reach out to the local public can mean success or failure for your advertising project, and it’s important (read on...)