The Rebirth of Direct Mail: EDDM Has Changed Everything

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Direct mail has always been an effective way of advertising in targeted local neighborhoods. But with the complex processes involved, and the high cost of sending, producing, and prepping mailers, many direct marketing experts thought it was a dying marketing strategy. Well not any more. (read on...)

7 Design Tips for Every Door Direct Mail Flyers

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When it comes to planning a direct mail advertising campaign, there is no better service than Every Door Direct Mail, a small business-friendly solution launched by the United States Postal Service. The EDDM program lets you deliver flyers, postcards, or even restaurant menus to every household (read on...)

Direct Mail Flyer Printing – Save Money With Bulk Printing

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Many businesses, especially smaller or new businesses, will try to cut corners on their advertising to save money. This can often be a fatal marketing error and as the saying often goes “You have to spend money to make money”. Unfortunately this is essentially true and you have to be (read on...)