Magnets and Their Importance in Marketing

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Magnets can be a fantastic way to market your company if they are used correctly. The fact is that over 80% of refrigerators in the US have at least one magnet on them, so you should use this to your advantage! Magnets can be put onto refrigerators, appliances, and filing cabinets. This means (read on...)

How Promotional Merchandise Can Assist Your Business Image

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Boosting your presence in any market can be tough and employing a branding campaign will get your business recognised. Traditional methods like printing business cards, business signs and eye catching logos are some things you should be already considering. This doesn’t have to be expensive (read on...)

How to Order Custom Magnets

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Tips For Marketing With Custom Magnets There are six main types of custom magnets you can use to market your business. Using more than one type of magnet design will help you reach more prospects in different ways. Take a look at the different types of magnets below and see how to put them to (read on...)

Promotional Products We’ll Be Laughing at in 50 Years (Or Less)

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One of my favorite articles in a promotional products industry journal is one that takes a look back at hot items from 10, 20, or even 50 years ago. Absolutely hilarious and oh so reflective of the values, styles, and habits of the day. Some shining examples are all the imprinted smoking (read on...)

Custom Magnets – Promotional Products With the Perfect ‘Attraction’

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As you rack your brain for the perfect promotional idea, consider one of the cheapest and most reliable giveaways. Customized magnets are ideal giveaways for trade shows, sales calls, mailings and point of purchase displays. While other promotional products may be more unique and create a related (read on...)

Business Vehicle Magnets For Home Businesses

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Home businesses are become more and more popular. People are taking a chance and going into business for themselves. Some people even hold another full time job while they get their own business up and running. Entrepreneurship is something that many people dream of and they work hard to fulfill (read on...)

Professional Health Care Business Card Design That Does the Job

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The health care industry is a people-oriented business and it will be certainly advantageous for health care professionals to be viewed as pleasant and easy to talk to. One of the ways to achieve this is through nicely designed business cards that reflect a caring and understanding personality (read on...)

Magnetic Picture Frames – Full Color Printed Magnetic Photo Frames As Business Gifts

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Enrich business relations and fortify marketing strategy with magnetic picture frames. For businesses that want to make their souvenirs special, full color printed magnetic photo frames are one of the best options. Photo magnets are innovative, yet inexpensive business gift options. Affordability (read on...)

The Importance of Business Vehicle Magnets

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Business vehicle magnets have a variety of functions. Their main function in many cases is advertisement but they can also serve other needs. Vehicle magnets are convenient because they are easy to design, relatively inexpensive when compared to other advertisement methods, and are simply to (read on...)

Promote Your Business With Magnets

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Advertising and promoting the business is important for a business owner to generate profit. One great promotional product that can be used to generate income for your business is fridge magnets. Here are some tips on how to use magnets to promote your business.   Step 1: Keep the design simple. (read on...)