Promotional Pens – What You Can Expect And What To Avoid

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Promotional pens have been used as giveaway items since the middle of the last century and have been proven over and over to be a very effective marketing tool. Small and inexpensive, they can be carried on one’s person dozens at a time, ready to hand out at a moments notice. Consider the (read on...)

Promotional Senator Super Hit Pens – Top Quality Plastic Pen Review

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After writing for weeks testing and reviewing top quality promotional gift pens I was not looking forward to today. Today was the day I had planned to test the world famous but budget plastic Senator Super Hit Pen. Don’t get me wrong – I have always been a big fan of the Senator brand (read on...)

Promotional Plastic Pens Keep Your Logo and Details Where Your Want Them

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Of all the promotional items available for promoting your business or organisation, promotional pens are the most popular. It is worth taking a little time to find the most innovative designs and styles before placing a large order for corporate pens. A good supplier that specialises in (read on...)

Brand Building With Full Colour Promotional Pens

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Pictures sell! The best advertisements, those that really stick in our minds are those that are in full colour. Sure a simple logo on a nice quality promotional metal gift pen can do the job, especially if you are aiming your marketing at top clients or employees and only want a discreet logo (read on...)

Promotional Pens – Writing Your Way to Successful Promotions

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Promotional pens are used by everyone which makes logo printed pens the ideal promotional item for building your brand. Think about it… whether your customers are students or housewives, doctors or entrepreneurs gifting promotional pens to them will keep your logo right where you want it. (read on...)

3 Must-See Promotional Plastic Pens

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There is a reason why some promotional plastic pens become incredibly popular while other slowly fade away. Think about what you want to achieve by giving your customers imprinted pens. Chances are you want to ensure your clients know where and how to contact you should they require your products (read on...)

Printed Pens – The Tired and Tested Corporate Gift?

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Have you ever watched a salesman in action? They have a briefcase full of things to give away after they make their pitch. They will hand you a pen to sign a document or perhaps just so you can write your name and number for them and then tell you to keep it. Such is the ease that printed pens (read on...)

Promotional Pens – A True Story That Shows Promotional Pens Get You Noticed.

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Last May, after filling up my car at the local petrol station in the village where I live, I went in to the cashier to pay. Another man was in front of me wanting to write a cheque but neither he nor the cashier had a pen. The cashier was looking around frantically trying to find something to (read on...)