Logo Design Software Or Logo Design Company – What Will You Prefer?

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A logo lays the foundation of any business and if well-designed, then it can do wonders for a business. Now, if you want a logo for your business you have two options available. Either, to get your so called “brand identity” i.e. your logo created by using a software or you hire a (read on...)

Elements That Make A Perfect Logo Design

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It is usually created with a combination of elements such as graphics, illustrations, symbols, font, typography etc. A well-crafted logo does wonders for a brand; however a bad one can damage the reputation or create negative image. A logo immediately connects the target audience with the brand, (read on...)

Logo Design – A Source Of Creating Brand Awareness

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There are many small businesses which believe that awareness can be created by advertising and promotional activities. I do agree, but the brand awareness begins with the creation of an effective logo design. There are several small-sized businesses which understand the significant of having a (read on...)

Guidelines Of A Logo Design

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There are lot of aspects of a business or company that are of great importance. Without these fundamentals the business is partial and cannot be anticipated to move forward and succeed in the market among its competitors. One of these basics is the custom logo design. If you are reading this (read on...)

eCommerce Logos – Real Identity of a Virtual Business

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When it comes to designing a logo, it is best to let a professional designer handle this sensitive and important responsibility. It has been proven on more than one occasion that a logo is not an expense; on the contrary a logo is an investment which is bound to pay off sooner or later. So unless (read on...)

Crowd-Sourcing – The Reality Beneath the Hype

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Whenever someone decides to launch a new business or wants to revamp the identity of an existing business, the first thing they decide to take care of is the logo. It would not be wrong to say that a logo breathes life into the identity of any business and that is why businesses, corporations and (read on...)

The Harmful Effects of Creative Overdose in Logo Design!

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Originality and creativity is the seal of well-known logo designers. With the intention of creating a logo design that is striking and visually likable, you must go beyond the conventional modes of thinking. But overindulge of anything is all the time detrimental. Similar is the issue when (read on...)

Is Designing Minimalist Logos Creative or Procrastination?

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The concept of minimalist logos has been developed from the skill of minimalism which entails dropping the design to its basic features. Summoned by several designers as a well-liked and artistic technique in designing, it is rising recently. Designers of all periods are expressing that (read on...)

Construction Logo Designs – Some Basics of Design

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Construction is a branch of architecture in which form, shape and quality take on a very important role. While designing Construction Logotype, a logo designer needs to pay attention to details regarding form, shape, color and proportions. If you carefully examine a good quality construction logo (read on...)

Automobile Logo Designs – Moving the Automobile Business

October 8, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Branding 

The job of presenting a business image that attracts attention, creates curiosity and stirs emotions is carried out by the logo of an organization. Since a logo carries and shoulders a lot of important corporate responsibilities, designing a unique and creative logo is not as easy as it sounds. A (read on...)

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