Seven Leadership Secrets For Building A Committed Team

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As a Learning and Development Consultant, I’ve worked with thousands of managers, leaders and executives in organizations both large and small. When I go into a business I’m sometimes confronted by two limiting beliefs: Our business is very different from any other you’ve (read on...)

The Gift of Self: Eight Key Qualities of a Great Leader

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I was reading a brief article written in the early 1900’s by Elisabeth Leseur as part of my daily meditative materials. In the article she provided the following list of qualities attributed to those special holy people who serve as examples for all of us to emulate. As I read the article, (read on...)

3 Effective Leadership Techniques to Sort Out the Noise

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For a leader, perhaps one of the most important things is to be able to understand what’s really important for the progress of their business and what’s just ‘noise’. They have to be able to sort out the noise and focus on things that are of genuine importance. However, (read on...)

5 Leadership Skills For Making an Impact on Our Circle of Influence

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Ever wonder how some people have so many friends and other’s don’t have so many? Ever wondered what you could do to attract more people and be a better influence? There are certain techniques we can use to build our relationships, develop our leadership style, and be a great influence (read on...)

Developing Passionate Followers

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Recently, I was training a room full of leaders at Microsoft (you know, the company that makes the software you’re probably using to read this article). On this particular visit, I was teaching them about “Developing Passionate Followers.” Microsoft dominates in an industry (read on...)