Stop Wasting Money on Your Leadership Development Programs

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The past few years have seen a greater focus on leadership development perhaps not surprisingly after the GFC fall out, but what is the return on investment? In September 2011 IEDP, in association with Deloitte’s Leadership practice, surveyed over 300 executives on their perceptions and (read on...)

Which Type of Leadership Program is Right For Your Company?

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An effective leadership program will invest time and money in persons within the company that display true potential in upper management positions. Hundreds of programs exist in the market today that promise that your super motivated shining star will emerge and never stop. Doesn’t sound (read on...)

Leadership Programs For Women Simplified

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In the 10th grade, I took a dare from Steve Willis to do something “rowdy” in Mrs. Paul’s World Cultures Class. Mrs. Paul was not amused and gave me a choice: detention or fill in for the Softball statistician that afternoon in the game. Rather than facing my parents with the (read on...)