What a Leadership Development Program Should Teach

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I’ve had the opportunity to build leadership development programs for many different kinds of organizations and occasionally I get asked about the most important things that a leadership development program should focus on in order to get results. Many programs feel good to the (read on...)

Best Buy Is Reinventing Their Business, Will They Make It?

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I read a story about Best Buy in the Wall Street Journal recently and it seems that interim CEO Mike Mikan is ready to reinvent the business and make it “more relevant, more intelligent and more nimble”. It will be interesting to watch this play out and see if they can adapt their (read on...)

5 Things a New Manager Should Know

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I often get to work with people who have recently been promoted into management positions for the first time and it’s some of the most rewarding work that I do. There is no handbook on leadership and many of us struggle tremendously at first. An organization grants us some authority and all (read on...)

Lessons For Leaders

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London Business School has created four innovative leadership development programmes to help you manage the range of leadership challenges that arise at different stages in your career. Each programme is designed to help you gain personal insights into your own leadership style and learn the (read on...)

Is Your Business Sustainable? Answer These 3 Questions

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Some of the best educated, most experienced business leaders I know still drive their business by looking in the rear view mirror. They look at last month or last quarter or last year and try direct the future of their business based largely on that information. That might have actually worked (read on...)

3 Ways to Align the Universe Behind Your Career Success

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You can call it intuition, quantum physics, faith, or just a honed and polished ability to listen to your gut as you navigate the fiercely competitive world of business. But whatever name you give it or however you prefer to explain, the fact is that sometimes there are definite signs that we are (read on...)

How to Choose a Pricing Strategy For Your New Product

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A price is everything a customer would have to give up in exchange for a product or service. It is usually expressed in a currency, such as Pound Sterling, Euros or US Dollars. It can be effected by a number of things, but the most common factors are the cost of production, competitor’s (read on...)

Thirty Three Truths for Your Sales Force

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Twitter is a powerful tool for communication – in just under a year my Tweets have told my prospects, customers and coworkers more about me, my career and my company. The following truths have caused my readers to stop and think – and will do the same for you. Starters Sales Energy (read on...)

4 Proven Principles of Selling in the Trust Business – For Small Business

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Selling defines success. Nothing else is more important in your business. So what is this notion of the trust business? If you are in small business, or any service profession, or consulting, then your answer could well determine your success. The trust business is defined by what you provide for (read on...)

Qualities of Leadership – Personality Traits You Should Cultivate

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Do you ever wonder what it is about vibrant, captivating leaders that separate them from the rest? Have you ever attempted to examine the personality traits that these high-achieving leaders seem to have in common? Dozens of personality traits can affect leadership. Character and integrity are (read on...)