Role of Knowledge and Decision Making in Large Firms

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Large firms, with the presence in multiple lines of business, have complex processes to manage and maintain the limited resources (time, money and skills). For ease of control and to allow the cascading of decision making, large firms have multiple teams aligned with a line of business. Each team (read on...)

Barriers of Operational Effectiveness

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As the resources become scarce, companies look for different or alternative ways through which they can utilize their resources effectively bringing along the notion of operation effectiveness. According to Porter, operation effectiveness refers to any existing number of options through which an (read on...)

What Does Information Marketing Mean To You?

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One of the most common questions we get asked is “What exactly is Information Marketing?” What does that term mean? What is it all about? Some people call it information products, some people call it information marketing. It’s been a struggle to figure out how to describe what (read on...)

The First Line Manager: Computers

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I purchased my first computer in 1985. I saved up to buy this computer. I read a book on DOS 2.1 a couple of years earlier. I would learn about computers. The IBM PC Junior cost me $635.00. At this time, employees in my company worked at terminals connected to a mainframe computer in a central (read on...)

The First Line Manager – Knowing Is Risky Business

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Thinking you know; Knowing; knowing you know. There is a difference. This difference determines how and when you make decisions in your organization. Your ability to make good decisions is the basis for the building of trust in you by employees. Thinking you know, can lead to problems. At the (read on...)

10 Ways to Work Your Knowledge

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One of the most common barriers in law firms to getting fee earners involved in knowledge activities is the “chargeable hours problem”: that the payback for non-chargeable time spent on KM is simply not great enough compared to the payback for the same amount of chargeable time (read on...)

Leadership Vs Management – How Much Involvement Do You Have in the Business?

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In the beginning it’s all hands to the pump. You probably start off with a few staff. Sometimes it’s just you and maybe one other who has a dream to create a product or a service. You go through the usual pain of finding that initial funding, that elusive investor that will help your (read on...)

Informational Marketing Versus Hype

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Businesspeople, for the most part, are experts at what they do. They prosper because their clients rely on them for specialized knowledge and expertise. Naturally they use this specialized knowledge and expertise in their day-to-day work but few use it to market their company, differentiate it (read on...)

Secrets Revealed – How to Get the Most From Your IT Budget

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Every firm spends loads of money on IT, why do only some (Walmart, FedEx) get a clear advantage from the money that they spend? A team of researchers lead by Dr. Gautam Ray talked with 104 insurance firms in order to get to the bottom of this question. Here’s what they found: the key to (read on...)

What Competence is Required of a Project Manager?

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How is it possible to ensure the quality of this competence? How should competence be defined? The answer could be: Competence is to know what to do, have the ability to do it. It is also about being able to reflect upon what has been done and realize how it can be done even better. The latter (read on...)