Sales Prospecting: How Can You Organize a Successful Sales Event or a Seminar? Part 2

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Part 2: The value of customer testimonials and keynote speakers. Conducting sales seminars or events is one of the most effective ways to generate new sales leads needed to boost your sales and achieve your targets. In part 1, we explored the importance of choosing a specific topic to your (read on...)

After Social Networking Fails, Try Selling!

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When I was in junior high, I had a leading role in the musical, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Today, I embarrass myself singing in the shower, but then, at least the casting director thought I could hold my own as the romantic lead. If you know the tale, you’ll recall that (read on...)

Salespeople – Find a Way to Win!

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Los Angeles Angels Manager Mike Scoscia was interviewed on ESPN radio after his team defeated the LA Dodgers 2-1, in a game that ended on a peculiar defensive play. Scoscia remarked: “We found a way to win.” True, enough, but after I heard this comment I started to deconstruct it as (read on...)

Selling – Would You Rather Do It or Teach It?

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As a top salesperson, you must have wondered, “Wouldn’t I be better off training others to do what comes so naturally to me? Shouldn’t I launch my own consulting business, write books, record audios and videos, blog, and call my own shots?” I was talking to an entrepreneur (read on...)

Salespeople – Hand-Shaking Range Beats Social Networking

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Social networking seems to be disappointing nearly everyone that hopes to earn a living. Instead of a beeline to bucks, it seems like the longest distance between two points. A few degrees of separation are, practically speaking, as remote from each other as neighboring galaxies. When was the (read on...)

Sales Speaker Says Relationship Selling is Oxymoronic

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Over the past three decades, in the sales and self-help literature, there has been a relentless response to a book you probably never encountered: Robert Ringer’s 1980’s tome, LOOKING OUT FOR #1. Like Ayn Rand’s volumes, Ringer’s is a celebration of selfishness and a (read on...)

Salespeople – It Isn’t Rejection When a Non-Buyer Says No!

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Calling into a company the other day, a person told me with some certainty, “I’m sure that isn’t something we’d be interested in.” Instead of taking that as final, I decided to probe: “And may I ask who you are, what’s your title?” “Uh, (read on...)

Sales Speaker Recommends Present Moment Selling

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You have bills to pay; genuine pressures, and you’re going to fall short, unless you make this sale, and the next, and the next after that. Your prospect is sitting pretty, a salaried type that can string you out, forever. Calm and cool, he is your diametric opposite. This seems like a (read on...)

Salespeople – There is No Such Thing As a Bad Rejection!

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Most people fear rejection and avoid it at all costs. This concern probably dates back to cave days, when rejection meant ostracism from the tribe, and probable death. Thought of in that way, you can understand our reluctance to invoke the displeasure of other people. Successful sellers have this (read on...)

Salespeople – Welcome a Yes, Push For a No, Avoid Maybes, and Never Accept Silence!

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If you’re in your own business, and even if you work for others, you are also a salesperson. Your business card can read lawyer, plumber, or dog-groomer; and you’ll still persuade for a living, if only to convince your boss you’re worth retaining. Typically, the more effective (read on...)