Marketing Strategies – Brand Recognition Drives Traffic for Successful Marketing Ventures

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Autumn has arrived. In full glory, crisp fresh mornings dressed in brilliant colors, pale blue skies and those incredibly glorious aromas filling the air. I don’t know about you, but autumn brings to mind the blessed days of winter soon to come, and all the marketing opportunities that go (read on...)

Elevator Speech – Creating the Ten Second Miraculous Success Statement

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Ten words + Ten seconds = Miraculous Success Statement The elevator speech of the gurus and how you can create the one ten second statement that will grow your business to economic power. Each phrase of the elevator speech has a purpose and it all comes together when you hand the person you speak (read on...)

3 HOT Tips to Brand Your Market Successfully

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The biggest tip for making your brand identifiable is to be unique. Nobody wants the same old dirty shoe as everyone else, they want something different – shoes that don’t get dirty. Be certain your brand is significantly different from your competition, either in actual product, in (read on...)

Brand Identification – 5 Steps to Amazing Brand Recognition

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Branding articles people use every day with your company logo brings recognition and drives traffic, if you put those items out in public for people to see. In the early days, giving away branded articles for your clients to use will get your business recognized. But who can afford to give away (read on...)

Brand Identifying Article Marketing Titles – Drive Traffic to Your Website With Recognizable Topics

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Bring reader recognition to the top side of your articles with a title that stops traffic and generates reader driven profit from the first four words. The first four words of your article are read most often by the search engine crawlers and your readers. Make them count. No matter how well (read on...)

Brand Identification – Amazing Team Promotion Styles Bring Recognition

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A few months back, an internet marketing firm sent out mouse pads, mugs and fleece winter jackets with their logo attached. As a writer for that company, I wore my jacket, used my mouse pad and often drank coffee at my desk from the mug. My clients saw the logo and asked about it. I shared the (read on...)

3 Amazing Brand Recognition Secrets For Streamlined Prosperity

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Let’s face it, we all want to own a prosperous business with plenty of clients flooding through the door on a daily basis. Or maybe you’d rather have one or two amazing clients who pay you well and let you focus on their businesses? How you present your business determines the (read on...)

Marketing Strategies – Delicious Candy Sweet Marketing Ideas For the Internet

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Lip smacking good candy is worthy of decadent marketing strategies even on the most ineffectively BORING day. I know, everybody is cutting back on calories and carbs, but seriously… One piece of decadent rich, oh so mouth watering, abandon can only bring you pleasure. In today’s world (read on...)

Yahoo Pool Tournaments – Don’t Underestimate Your Opponents and Other Marketing Drivel

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Marketers often assume they’re the only one on the street wearing the polka dot tie and plaid jacket. After all, no other salesman would DARE infiltrate your territory, right? I sat there in the living room with my feet propped on the coffee table sipping a cola and holding my sleeping (read on...)

Lucrative Advertizing Solutions For Lagging Businesses

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Serving coffee to a bunch of whiny business men often gets me to thinking. They’re all whining about the stock market, their lull in business, the cost of driving to and from work, or some other cost of being business owners, but none of them have changed anything in the past forty years. (read on...)

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