Everything You Need to Know About Obtaining ISO Certification

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Are you an owner of any small or large business? Do you want to get established in a complete professional and authentic way? If your answer is YES then continue reading this interesting piece of information. Becoming ISO certified is the only way to broadcast your ethical presence not only in (read on...)

Costs for Achieving ISO Certification Process

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The International Standards Organization (ISO) develops standards that can be applied to the conduct of corporate business. These standards are developed by Technical Committees serving under the ISO’s governance. Once voted upon, and approved by enough countries in the international (read on...)

ISO 9001 and Working Alongside Other Certifications

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Since its introduction, ISO 9001 has proved extremely popular and there are now over one million organisations certified in more than 150 countries around the world. This makes it by far the most popular ISO certification and although it has a great range of business benefits, really allowing you (read on...)

Getting to the Bottom of ISO 9001

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If you’re currently researching the possibility of implementing ISO 9001 into your organisation, you’ll probably find a hundred articles detailing just why you should be certified, encouraging you to take on the certification by outlining all of the benefits, but there are very few (read on...)

ISO 27001 for Larger Organisations

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You could argue that the larger the organisation, the more information there is to protect, and although this isn’t always the case a larger organisation often has much more to lose if there were to be a major disaster when it comes to Data Protection. Companies who store customer’s (read on...)

How to Meet ISO 9001 Requirements

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ISO 9001 is all about improving the quality management processes in place in your organisation – essentially looking at the customer elements of your business including the requirements of your product or service and your customer satisfaction ratings. We all know how the ISO certification (read on...)

ISO Certification for Your Business

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As the world’s largest developer and publisher of International standards, ISO certifications ensure consistency in standards across the globe. The certifications are suitable for all, from large international corporations to small home based businesses and large private sector companies to (read on...)

What Exactly Is an Environmental Management System?

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The International Organization for Standardization is an international body that establishes sets of protocols that businesses and organisations can use to implement plans, products and services. The organisation has published many different standards; these are often, but not always, (read on...)

Motivation for ISO 14001 Accreditation

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Everyone in the business world is aware of the fact that environmental issues are the order of the day. Customers and suppliers are more environmentally aware and are increasingly demanding to know what suppliers and service providers are doing to remain environmentally friendly. This is where (read on...)

ISO 9000 Certification in "Five Easy Pieces"

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In the Jack Nicholson film “Five Easy Pieces,” there’s a memorable scene that takes place in a diner. He orders toast, and the waitress answers that they don’t serve toast. His reply: “You make toasted sandwiches, don’t you? Bring me a toasted chicken sandwich. (read on...)

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