ISO 27001: A Guide

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If you are considering implementing an ISO 27001 certification into your organisation you may have read a hundred and one articles about the good things ISO 27001 can do or how it can benefit your business. However you may be interested in the nitty gritty – how the systems work and just (read on...)

ISO 27001 for Larger Organisations

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You could argue that the larger the organisation, the more information there is to protect, and although this isn’t always the case a larger organisation often has much more to lose if there were to be a major disaster when it comes to Data Protection. Companies who store customer’s (read on...)

Why Get ISO 27001 Certified?

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ISO 27001 certification is an internationally-recognized standard that ensures your business has optimal information security management. There are various reasons why it is beneficial to become ISO 27001 certified. Firstly, potential customers are far more likely to put their trust in a business (read on...)

Steps for Achieving ISO14001 Certification

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The actual concept for ISO14001 came about back in the early 70s. Now of course the basic ideas of environmentally friendly manufacturing and materials production have been around long before then and began to take hold with the masses on a grander scale beginning in the early 1960s. However, (read on...)

The Steps for Achieving ISO9001 Certification

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Before you get into what it takes to achieve ISO9001 certification, it’s important to understand just what it is and what this certification can and can’t do for you and your business. For instance, you must understand that it is only a quality management certification and nothing (read on...)

ISO 27001 – Information Security Mistakes to Avoid

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With any project as complex as the implementation of ISO 27001 there are some things to avoid. Here are two quick things you shouldn’t do. 1. Don’t focus on information security. Although it sounds counter-intuitive it is only the “content” of ISO 27001 that addresses this (read on...)

Requirements For an ISO 27001 Accreditation

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The ISO 27001 is part of the Information Security Management System standard that was originally published in October of 2005. The standard organizes information security and puts it under the explicit control of management. It requires management to systematically evaluate their security risks, (read on...)

1st Step to ISO/IEC 27001 Certification For Small Companies

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Risk Assessment 1. Get Acquainted with the StandardAs a responsible person for information security within your organization, whether your are the CEO, the owner, CTO or Information Security Officer you should obtain a copy of the standard ISO/IEC 27002 code of practice and read it. Upon reading, (read on...)