Online Branding – Is It Like Marking Your Cattle or Leaving Your Footprint Behind?

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If we’re walking along the beach, leaving our footprints in the sand, it might be just moments before the tide would wash our tracks away forever. On the other hand, if you and I are covered-in-dirt-and-sweat ranchers branding our cattle, the mark isn’t going away anytime soon. Now, (read on...)

How Internet Marketers Can Use Split Testing to Greatly Improve Their Results

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Split testing is probably the single most important concept in all of marketing. At its core, this is a very, very simple concept. And perhaps that is the very reason more modern marketers don’t take advantage of it. It’s just too easy. It’s also not sexy. It has nothing to do (read on...)

How to Add Value to Your Internet Marketing Business

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Being an Internet Marketer is one of the best decision anyone can make. It requires a lot of courage, knowledge, consistency, and expertise for you to succeed in Internet marketing business. It takes courage in the sense that you are willing to take the risk of losing what you have invested. It (read on...)

Internet Marketing Tips – Let Content Be Your Fuel

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What fuels feedback better than relevant and meaningful content. That being said, your content should be something that can pique your client’s and prospect’s interests. Also, it should be something that people in your target market want to know about, something that they’d love (read on...)

What Is Reputation Management?

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As a business owner, whether you operate a Fortune 500 company or a small local shop, your reputation is important to your continued success. Not only are you concerned about building a positive reputation among your customers and in the community where you business operates, but you have built (read on...)

Simple Techniques For Getting More Traffic From The Various Search Engines

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Getting traffic from the search engines like Google is something that is becoming more challenging each year due to the amount of competition that’s out there in just about every niche available. Behind every website that ends up competing with you to be able to get traffic is another (read on...)

The Increasingly Illusive Referral

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My family and I were sitting around the dinner table for Mother’s Day a few days ago and as it usually goes, it’s loud and everyone is talking over the top of everyone else. Dinner with the Brown family is fun. Just don’t expect to get a word in edge wise. It came to my (read on...)

What Can Whitney Houston Teach Us About Personal Branding?

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Pandora has the idea of personal branding down to a TEE! I listen to Pandora every morning on my iPhone as I get ready to come to the office. Most mornings it’s simply in the background and I can barely hear it (as I’m too lazy to go buy iPhone speakers). However, yesterday while I (read on...)

Got a New Product to Sell? Get Some Tips on How to Create Demand

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It survived the concept pitch, the drawing board, R&D, prototypes, focus groups, and testing. Now your new product is ready to launch. Whether you opt for a “soft launch” to introduce your baby to just a few markets or demographics; or a “hard launch” that involves a (read on...)

Can An Internet Marketing Company Help Grow Your Small Business?

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It’s no secret that the future of commerce in the new economy is based heavily around sales leads generated through the internet. If you have a business that was originally a web-based venture, this should be fairly obvious to you. Even if you’re the owner of a small brick-and-mortar (read on...)