Stop Selling Your Products!

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Before you categorize me as an idiot, please read on. What is common practice in B2B sales? The sales person meets with the prospect and before you know it he starts throwing around brochures or he fires up good old PowerPoint and let that do the ‘talking’. In other words, the (read on...)

Product Management 101: How The Bar Rescue TV Show Can Teach You How To Turn Prospects Into Clients

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We’re going to kick it old school this time around and take a look at one of the key skills that every product manager should be good at, but all too often we’ve been working so hard that we’ve neglected this task: turning prospects into actual paying customers. If you (read on...)

The Sword of Influence

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Perhaps you would like to wield some influence in your organization. You want someone to believe you, follow your plan, take your suggestion, promote you. You want someone else TO DO something! You have to convince that person that you are right, that he should listen to you. The first thing you (read on...)

Persistence in Selling and Having a Backup Plan

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Calling on customers who have not bought from you or your company in a long time is a problem that can be overcome and must be overcome if you are to be successful. Everyone in a selling capacity inherits something like this one time or another. First you should try to get as much information as (read on...)