Greeting Cards Are A Great Way To Promote Your Insurance Business

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Insurance agencies are important little organizations which exist in every town and hamlet in every state. They are important because what they do is tied up in the life of the people: their health, their financial security, and their long term lifestyles. Insurance agencies which take the needs (read on...)

Six Tested And Proven Truths About Advertising For Financial Advisors

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You get calls from radio, press, directories and printing company reps that all tell you they have the ‘best’ advertising option you could possibly buy. Add to this the requests to sponsor your local golf or bowls club and it gets very confusing as to how to spend your limited (read on...)

Slide It, Send It, Strike It, Squeeze It, Suck It

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“Win $50,000.” So says the envelope in the mail packs from a publishing house. Inside is a confusing array of paper, scratch panels, playing cards, and return envelopes. Does this complex style of mailer really sell merchandise? YES it does (otherwise they wouldn’t send them), (read on...)

11 Ways To Get A Better Response To Your Letters, Brochures And Newsletters

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Regular requests from many advisors include: “How do I get a better response to my sales letters?” and “How can I make my newsletters generate phone calls?” There is no single magic formula to either of these, but there are a few things that usually generate a better (read on...)

How to Boost Sales for Financial Advisors by Numbers

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When a prospect says, ‘I’ll think about it, thanks’ what do you do? How do you recover the sale? A simple by-the-numbers way of significantly increasing the chances of turning a prospect appointment into a sale. A furniture store in the US uses this technique outlined below to (read on...)

The Well-Equipped Office

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“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to leave alone.” -Henry David Thoreau A well-equipped office is not determined by the number of computers, hardware, software or telephone systems. Rather, it’s determined by the people who use them. One of my (read on...)

Cold-Calling Methodologies

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One of the biggest fears faced by financial advisors is the fear of rejection. This fear is genuine and reasonable, and should not be taken lightly by brushing it aside saying that “it’s nothing” or “don’t worry”; this fear can petrified you and stop you right (read on...)

Is Now the Time to Skimp on Your Directors and Officers Coverage?

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All insurance coverage seems like a necessary evil with the tendency is to try to economize where possible. After all why pay money for a product you hope to never use? Then think how esoteric D&O insurance coverage is to the layperson. Having just pointed out to a client as part of an (read on...)

Education – The Prefect Sales Tool

April 2, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Sales 

There is one fact in the world of sales that every business owner or sales representative must take into consideration. People don’t like to be sold to. So how do you sell your product or service, especially when they don’t know they need you. You need to inform them why they should (read on...)

What To Consider About Business Internships

February 23, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Management 

Most people are aware of the importance of having a good education, and getting a degree in some field of study that interests them. But, they might not realize how much of a competitive edge it can provide to have an apprenticeship under a company in that industry. Let’s take a look at (read on...)

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