It Takes Leadership To Make Your Business Successful

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Cutting edge technologies, a great vision and best practices alone can’t make your business successful. Your organization must also be passionate about your vision of being extraordinary in your market place. This passion is best uncovered in your organization through good Leadership. If (read on...)

Lead Your Industry in the BIG Things

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Leadership is a double-edged sword. On the plus side, leadership in your industry means that every possible competitor will have to play catch-up with any strategic choices you make – you will be defining the game of strategic competition, and this can lead to extremely strong (read on...)

CIO’s Know That Finding The Right Way To Be Innovative Is The Hard Part

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Among all of the other jobs that a modern CIO is expected to perform, there is also that pesky “pursue an innovation strategy” thing. This is so critical that it should almost be a part of the definition of information technology. It’s not that pushing the IT department to (read on...)

The Beauty Parlour

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A friend of mine, Alice, was running a beauty parlour in Clydebank, a residential suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. She was ambitious and had great hopes for her business involving opening more parlours in the Glasgow area, but there was a problem. Her main competitors were the parlours franchised to (read on...)

3 Ways CIOs Can Spark Innovation In Their IT Departments

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If Steve Jobs was still with us, do you think that he might be willing to come and work in your IT department? He was supposed to be a jerk, but man can he bring some innovation to the table. CIOs who want to foster more innovation in their IT departments probably couldn’t get Steve to sign (read on...)

Project Management Breeds Innovation

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One of the earliest activities of the Rudd Government was to recognise the importance of innovation to Australia’s future and to commission a review of the management of innovation in Australia. Both the Gershon Review and the Review of the National Innovation System (Cutler, Sept 2008) (read on...)

Ways to Innovate in the Product Lifecycle

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In “Dealing with Darwin”, marketing guru Geoffrey Moore, describes three categories of innovation – Product, Customer Intimacy and Process. Moore achieved prominence as an expert in the field of new product introductions when he identified the chasm – a period of (read on...)

CIOs Are Trying To Do Innovation The Wrong Way

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As the world slowly recovers from its great economic recession, CIOs are gearing up to help their companies do battle with their competitors. Everywhere in this great land you can hear the same words being repeated “I want more innovation!” Umm, OK. It turns out that innovation (read on...)

How to Filter Good Ideas From Bad Ones

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“I don’t let myself get carried away by my own ideas. I abandon 19 out of 20 of them every day”. Gustav Mahler, composer, was born today in 1860. His quote is highly relevant to the process of innovation in business. When the floodgates open ideas about new products, new (read on...)

New Ways of Working in Health and Social Care: New Management Challenges

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Changing work plan and culture in health and social care means that organisations have to do things differently. This is obvious in every day practice for example, professionals such as social workers, nurses, doctors and physiotherapists may have been well-trained but not necessarily on how to (read on...)