Marketing Secrets: 3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Marketing Genius in the 21st Century

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Every business consists of many different moving parts. There’s leadership. Vision. Product. Service. Systems and more. But if you asked me which area stands out above the rest I would have to say marketing. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. It makes little difference if you have (read on...)

The Art of "Managing Up"

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There are some ways in which a skillful subordinate can manage “up” and exert some influence over their Boss. This can be a very useful skill within an organization but, like so many other things, it can have a dangerous downside, too. I suggest the primary motive behind using these (read on...)

10 Influencing Tools

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10 Influencing Tools for 2012 In 2012, where uncertainty is the norm, past projections are irrelevant and confidence is at an all-time low, influencing skills will be more important than ever. In a business world where collaboration is more common, those with superior influencing skills will (read on...)

How Effective Leaders Influence Others

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If you are a leader, do you think that you are an effective leader? There would be a variety of answers that most people would say to themselves and some questions about what are an effective leader? If you are in management or an executive for an organization, one would probably consider you a (read on...)

It’s Time to Change the Conversation Around Marketing

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When it comes to being marketed and sold to, how do you feel about being… Persuaded Influenced Seduced Manipulated Probably not too good, huh? No one wants to feel controlled by a marketer, and that’s exactly what those words imply. No one wants to be led down a “slippery (read on...)

What A Salesperson Can Learn From A Customer Service Problem

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A basic fact of business that a likable salesperson is always going to outsell someone who is not likable. After all, selling is a people business, and people have got to like you if you expect to succeed. The same is true for a business – we have to be likable. The other day I talked about (read on...)

Is There a Shift Away From Ego-Centric CEOs to More Performance Oriented Leadership?

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In addition to such victims of “industry dissonance” as the late Enron founder Kenneth Lay and CEO Jeffrey Skilling, there seems to be a movement, perhaps due to the dramatic economic shifts occurring at the start of the century, in which the status-loving, jet-setting, deal-making (read on...)

The Sword of Influence

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Perhaps you would like to wield some influence in your organization. You want someone to believe you, follow your plan, take your suggestion, promote you. You want someone else TO DO something! You have to convince that person that you are right, that he should listen to you. The first thing you (read on...)

How Is Employee Recognition A Fast Way To Boost Team Motivation?

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You can create a major motivating influence when you show individual employee recognition. Check this against your own experience – how motivating is it for you when someone acknowledges and appreciates your efforts? Most people welcome attention that is drawn to their skills or (read on...)

How to Build Influence Relationships With Clients, Peers and Partners

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Here’s what we’ve been seeing lately in different client situations. A line business manager has to get something done- a new IT change, an open personnel requisition to be filled, a new vendor to be found and contracted with. He or she turns to internal departments for help. But, (read on...)