Effective Advertising With Digital Signage

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Whether it’s to build your brand, to promote a product or simply to maintain brand awareness, a digital signage is an effective, cost efficient and attractive medium of advertising. Compared to static print, a digital sign tends to grab people’s attention because of our tendency to (read on...)

32 Digital Poster – Indoor Digital Advertising

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The electronic advertising poster is a huge type of digital photo frame with a twist, as these units can also display video clips presentations; the unit is planned for inside electronic signage and appeals to any outlet that has a meeting area or where probable customers can see the (read on...)

From Indoor Digital Signage to Outdoor Digital Signage in Under Two Years

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From digital posters and digital menu boards we have all been familiar with electronic menu’s displaying tempting items for lunch and dinner, now with the advancement of the signage hardware more and more installations are branching out into what were previously un-chartered waters. Now if (read on...)

Interactive Digital Posters and Indoor Digital Advertising

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With indoor digital signage moving so fast, we have seen the humble digital photo frame turn in to large LCD displays up to 80″ showing video and audio presentations, now these are going interactive. Companies no matter how big or small are benefiting from this type of marketing, one hair (read on...)

LCD Digital Poster For Indoor Digital Signage

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An LCD digital poster is the most affordable way to enter the digital signage market and is ideal for almost any business due to the low investment, low installation cost and almost anyone who can copy images from a digital camera and use a remote control for the television can configure an LCD (read on...)

Digital Menu Boards Assist Restaurants To Overcome the Nutritional Marking Problems

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Digital menu boards are supporting small to medium quick serve restaurants to succeed with their plight of providing this information whilst increasing sales and reducing advertising costs, as these can help restaurant managers overcome the labelling of their food to include the nutritional (read on...)

Digital Signage Now Going Mobile

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Dynamic digital advertising is now moving outdoors pretty quickly, it seems as though indoor digital signage has been deployed in shopping malls to dentists and now ad agencies are looking to target people outdoors. So we will look at the different types of outdoor electronic signage solutions, (read on...)

Digital Signage – The Different Types & Applications

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We will look at the budget entry for the indoor digital signage market for now, over the next week we will look at the other solutions available. Indoor Digital Signage. Now these can be seen in almost every company reception, from dentists through to multi-billion pound corporations, these are (read on...)

The Cost of Outdoor Digital Signage and a Higher Return For Digital Advertising

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The three main categories to consider when making an investment are: What is the cost? How well made is the technology? Will the investment yield a good return? Although a digital billboard is more expensive than a traditional, static advertising board, and more technical than indoor digital (read on...)

Digital Signage Content Delivery

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One of the key areas for digital signage is in the retail sector, delivering the content correctly is paramount for any signage solution to work efficiently. But first we must understand the challenges to the retail business model.  Challenges. Like all businesses the retail sector is dynamic (read on...)