Relationship Selling Ends When This Happens

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Relationship selling has always been present especially with top sales performers. However with technology and a more educated buyer there is the potential for this to change when the following happens: The buyer’s perception of value is greater than the existing professional relationship (read on...)

Profit Secrets in a Recession

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Although the doom and gloom merchants in the media would have you believe otherwise, recessions do NOT go on forever. You wouldn’t believe it from picking up a newspaper, but the sky has not fallen in, the birds are still chirping, and life does go on as normal. Contrary to popular belief, (read on...)

iPad Sales App – Ways to Increase Sales of Your Company

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The iPad is the most popular tablet for consumers and dominant in the industry, knowing that its popularity is supported by figures on how many tablets were sold since its debut and how those sales have grown over years. Developers and programmers saw the potential of iPad as a sales tool. With (read on...)

How To Grow Your Business Fast

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Recently when I was invited to sit on a panel to discuss the best ways to grow a business, I accepted with alacrity. The opportunity to share my knowledge and promote my upcoming seminar was not something I was going to miss. Look out! By the time my turn came to speak I swore I was invited to (read on...)

Email Marketing Secrets: How to Dramatically Increase Sales With Highly Persuasive Emails

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1. Brainstorm your Best Ideas I love to use mind mapping software for this job but you can just as easily get a pen and paper to get the same results. I want you to put a clock or timer on your desk and give yourself 15 minutes to write down all the reasons why someone should buy from you. Write (read on...)

10 Ways to Lose the Sale

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Remember the old saying “Good Salesmen are Born.” Well, anyone can become a good salesperson if they can learn and master the basic sales skills. Sales techniques have dramatically changed over the years. Gone are the old school selling methods of talking incessantly and pushing a (read on...)

7 Reasons Why Talking Heads Seldom Reach Their Sales Quotas

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In 1987 a TV series called “Max Headroom” broke onto the scene. It was a futuristic show about a network reporter who gets caught up in an experiment and becomes a computer-generated personality. The series only lasted one season (14 episodes), I think but it was fun to (read on...)

5 Ways to Earn a Prospect’s Trust and Respect

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Earning a prospect or customer’s respect is something that top sales people consistently manage to achieve. But earning that respect can be difficult and is challenging for many sales people. However, when you achieve that goal, the likelihood of capturing a sale from that prospect (read on...)

7 Lies Sales People Tell Themselves

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Do you lie to yourself? You may not think so but I suggest that you probably do. Here’s what I mean… #1: “I could reach my quota if my company lowered their prices.” If I had a nickel for every time I heard this… While price is a factor in every sale, it is seldom (read on...)

Referrals – 5 Steps on How to Turn Your Customers Into a Powerful Sales Team

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Having a system to get referrals from our customers is one of the most powerful marketing strategies any business can ever employ. Yet generating referral in this one is also one of the least used strategies. At one stage over a 2 year period, I generated over 60% of my new business through (read on...)

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