What’s Not Being Said About Branding

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The business world is a buzz with the term “Branding.” Executives are using it. Sales professionals are using it. Marketing professionals are preaching it from their pulpits. Still, the general public continues to ask, “Yeah, but what is it?” So, the explanation begins, (read on...)

Emotional Intelligence For Hard Financial Times

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Every day, it seems, the news gets worse about bank failures, unemployment, etc. The nation seems to be gripped fear and insecurity. Into this scene comes a new leader, a new team, talking about hope. Is there anyway we can hope? Is this all smoke and mirrors? Conventional wisdom would say (read on...)

Classified Ads & Printable Business Coupons Create Impressive Online Profit Potential and Hope

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Why can’t I throw in the towel and accept that life as we know it means we are all financially doomed? Though The American Dream is on life support, my dreams will not die. I’m not exactly sure why, but it is what it is. The yearning to become a successful online business (read on...)

Hope is a Management Strategy

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If the people you manage do not believe that what they do has a tangible, positive impact, what do they believe? You might have heard that hope is not a strategy; the truth in management is that without hope any team will lack motivation and resilience. When you remember that hope is something (read on...)