Managing Leaders: How to Deal With Dysfunctional Team Members

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I was recently in conversation with a friend who is in the midst of some conflict within their management position. In order to better manage this conflict they’ve chosen to bring someone in to serve in a coaching/consultant capacity. This friend shared the frustration they experienced as (read on...)

What Can Propel Your Business to Greater Success? BVA Part II

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Is there a secret ingredient that can by itself generate repeat business? The short answer of course is “No”. But there are some essential components that can be of great benefit if they are acknowledged for their importance and consistently cultivated. What are those pieces to the (read on...)

The Three F’s of Leadership

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There comes a point in every relationship, organization, business, and related activity when leaders must lead. The various teams have done their designing. The committees have reviewed it. Management has approved it. Now, it is time for leaders to take control and execute it. This is true (read on...)

Leadership Development – How Honest Should You Be With Your Boss?

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Sadly there are many people who dislike their boss intensely. They may be frustrated by the behaviour of their boss and their approach, but they don’t feel that they can say anything and their boss is clearly oblivious to their thoughts and feelings. However, as a subordinate should you (read on...)

Marketing Lesson Learned By Watching Horrific Car Crash

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So, there we were. My 3-year-old daughter and I had to run to the store to get some milk and juice. While waiting at the red light on a busy intersection, there’s a loud series of honks and then… “BBBBRRRRRKKKRRRRAAAAAWWWWW” (I know, but that’s actually what more (read on...)

Trust Me On This

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Trust is the single most important factor in building relationships. We can forgive people for their mistakes and shortcomings; but once trust is lost, the relationship is lost as well. I spent most of my professional career trying to recruit Russian spies to work for the FBI. I surrounded the (read on...)

Are You Being Honest? Really Being Honest?

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The first fundamental of a Winning Business is to “Do the Right Thing.” The first fundamental of doing the right thing is to be ethical. That is, to have integrity and honesty. Today, I want to focus on honesty. Honesty can go by a number of different names: truth, candor, face (read on...)

Liars, Cheats and Charlatans

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Since the beginning of time people have had to deal with liars, cheats and charlatans. One of the most famous was Charles Ponzi, who in the early 1900’s, invented the “Ponzi scheme” which is a scam that relies on a pyramid of investors who contribute money to a fraudulent (read on...)

What is the Difference Between a Good Manager and a GREAT Manager?

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You are already a good manager, so you know the importance of holding to some human values. After all you aren’t someone who believes (only) in smashing the competition, manipulating to get what you want and walking over people who get in your way, are you? There is a difference between (read on...)

How to Write a Vision Statement

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Great Managers are clear about the things that are important to them as human beings. They know they want to work for organisations whose values mirror their personal ones and they are prepared exert pressure, to encourage the adoption of these values at a corporate level where possible. They (read on...)