Personnel Mobilization Doctrine

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The term “Recruiting” originally meant “to enlist new soldiers”. Every army needs to replenish troops over time, and at certain times they need to grow their numbers to accomplish specific operations. Militaries, to facilitate this process, have established recruiting (read on...)

How to Motivate Employees and Teams

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It is no secret that motivated employees enjoy their jobs more, and want to perform their jobs better. Who wants to work in an atmosphere where you do not feel good about what you are doing and who wants to lead a team of lackluster, unmotivated employees? The secret to motivating your employees (read on...)

Hire Evidence Not Hope – Reality Vs Fantasy-Based Job Interviewing

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Ninety five percent of your business success depends on hiring the right people to work for you and represent your company to the buying public. Not products, people! After all, you and your competitors pretty much sell the same products and services these days don’t you? People are the (read on...)

Restructuring and Organizing Your Warehouse

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Warehouse Organization can seem like a daunting task to take on when attempting to restructure and reorganize your business. Often, the task does not simply involve having the staff come in on a weekend and straighten up. If there are other underlying causes to the disorganization, this will only (read on...)

The Art Posture in Sales and Recruiting

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One thing I’ve learned and observed over my 25 year career in business ownership and sales is posture is everything. Without utilizing posture from beginning to end in the sales or hiring process, you are setting yourself up for mediocre results. What makes matters worse, is that every time (read on...)

What Do You Think? Culture Vs Strategic Planning – What Will Win Out?

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As a career counselor, career guidance professional, and HR professional who has hired or placed 1,340+ professionals, I’m with business clients constantly. Where is the line drawn or is there a line drawn between culture and strategic planning in companies today? Let me propose some (read on...)

Do It Yourself Recruiting

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When helping new clients on their hiring priorities, I encounter a common thread that some think recruiting fees are costly and somehow easy to earn. Recruiting fees are typically a percentage of the first year’s salary, and yes, that can amount to a large figure when hiring executives and (read on...)

Is Project Management Certification Valuable?

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Good Day All Introduction “Certification is a must!” “Certification is valuable!” “Certification nice but does not add significant value!” “Eliminate the accidental project manager – certify them” “Certification is (read on...)

Management – Why Discipline in the Workplace Is Necessary

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Every aspect of your business needs to be managed effectively, including your personnel. People are human and make mistakes, but discipline will ensure those mistakes are fewer and farther between. If you instill discipline from the very beginning, your company will run smooth and you will be (read on...)

Short-Term, Mid-Term and Long-Term Goals for Recruiters

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I asked my son’s dentist what motivated her to go into dentistry. “Because I see an immediate result at the end of the procedure,” she said. “I considered becoming a physician, but you have to wait months, even years, before you see the fruit of your efforts.” Makes (read on...)

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