10 Rock Solid Tips to Generating Massive Results From Your Print Ads

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1. Forget Bigger is Better Most people go wrong in their advertising campaigns believing that “bigger is better” when in actuality frequency weighs heavier on your success. It’s far better to have a 2-by-2-inch ad ran 15 times than to have a one time full page ad. Most people do (read on...)

How Big Should Your Headline Be?

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You should never forget that your headline is extremely important. I’ve recently seen this demonstrated in a split test I put together on the entry page of my web site. The highest conversion is 17.92% while the lowest conversion is 10.36% when converting visitors to subscribers. (read on...)

How to Write Effective Newspaper Ads

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A successful newspaper ad is one which grabs the readers attention and creates customers. In this article I will present a few simple tips to write effective newspaper ads. Let’s start. First of all the ad headline. It is very important to create an eye-catching headline (title) for your (read on...)

Marketing is Very, Very Important & Can Work For Any Industry

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Ultimately, if we have our key factors in place, if we have a good headline, good body copy, and a good offer at the end, obviously with the whole P.S.’s. Then we actually have something for everybody. You need to have the reader feeling that you are talkling directly to them, this is a key (read on...)

Use the Charm of Contrast For a Great Company Slogan Or Advertising Tag Line

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At the bottom of page 1 of my local small-town paper, the following headline for our hometown hospital caught my attention: Nationally Ranked. Locally Loved. I read it a few times and smiled. This headline has so much going for it. It’s a perfect illustration of how to use contrast (read on...)

When is a Sales Letter Not a Sales Letter? Part One

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The simple answer is when it does not sell. Now while that may sound like a bit of a throwaway line it does not make it any less true. The function of a sales letter is fairly basic but a basic letter will not get the job done think about the last time you walked into a store and after you told (read on...)

3 Reasons For the Opening Paragraph in a Sales Page

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When writing a sales letter, your headline grabbed your reader’s attention and brought their eyes down to the next line, which should have been a sub-head to further clarify to whom you are speaking and why they should read on. So their next stop is the opening paragraph, which is almost (read on...)

The Four Pillars of a Successful Ad

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How do you go about writing persuasive ads? There are volumes written on this subject. Like anything else there are always a few principles that you must follow. I would just like to look at the ‘steel structure’ of the Ad. But of course there are the windows, walls, roofing … (read on...)

How to Write Eye-Popping Headlines

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Your headline is the first part of the ad that your readers will see. If it is not attention grabbing and compelling then the rest of your ad does not get read. This becomes even more important in email marketing since the subject line becomes the headline and is the only words seen for your (read on...)

Is Your Headline Doing the Job?

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Today I am going to discuss direct mail headlines and how to improve on them. According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, the headline is the most important part of any ad. On the average, most experts tell us, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy. What is the purpose of (read on...)