Cost Effective Ideas to Grow Your Business: Web Based Print and Mail Services As Marketing Tools

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It can cost my clients several hundred dollars to have just a few direct mailer mock-ups professionally designed and printed. Simple, unpretentious “Web2Print” services on the internet are now saving small and mid-sized business owners hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the (read on...)

There is More Than One Way to Skin the Marketing Cat

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As marketing becomes more difficult, you need to get more creative. Quit throwing money at the problem and start thinking outside the box. Prospects are throwing junk mail away, they are not attending seminars, they TiVo their TV so they don’t have to watch the commercials. They just plain (read on...)

How to Make Sure People Want to Hear Your Marketing Message

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I hear so many sales people tell me that they never get a good response rate from their direct mail. When I ask them what they have been sending it is anything from seminar invites to product offers to “form” letters describing how their company works and why it would benefit the (read on...)

What Gets a Prospect to Respond?

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What gets a prospect to respond? In a recent article, I wrote about how to get your inexpensive direct mail read and found it was basically three things: 1. Handwritten note 2. Larger size than normal mail 3. Different size than normal mail Today I would like to talk about a great way to get (read on...)

Earn "Top-of-Mind" by Reaching to the Bottom Drawer

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After losing a speech competition that I really wanted to win, my travel back home to my family was somber.  I had hoped that I would be able to burst through the door and proudly display my trophy to my wife and two kids.  There was no trophy this time; I was coming home empty handed. As I (read on...)